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Gypsy Nirvana

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by AeroWizard, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. I have made a thread like this before, but I have to do it again, because my experience with Gypsy Nirvana today was a precedent.

    I ordered at 12:00 p.m. today. I ordered three different strains -- Northern Lights X Big Bud, White Widow, and Cinnamon.

    At 12:01, I got an Email from Gypsy Nirvana telling me that my order is being processed.

    At 12:35, I got another email from Gypsy Nirvana telling me my order has been sent in full.

    That's 35 minutes for my order to be accepted, processed, packed, and shipped. I mean, what can I say about this company, except that they are the absolute best, bar none.


    I recommend, anywhere in the world, to forget every other seedbank out there. Gypsy Nirvana is all that you will ever need, I promise you that. My last order from them arrived in 6 days to the NE United States. 6 days!?!? Thats incredible!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you the heads up about this outrageously incredible seed company.

  2. gypsy nirvana rules :hello: in less than 7 days from the time i ordered my seeds online i had them in my possession!! peace
  3. nice man, post the url so we can get some :smoking:
  4. www.seedboutique.com The only person I will buy seeds from. Also you get freebies with every order. South Africian Durban Poison x Skunk #1, but yoyur suppossed to share the free ones with your friends.
  5. yeah i got my order and freebies in 2 days :cool: :D :cool:
  6. Yeah, I looked for a long time through seedbanks as i've just recently become interested. Spent a long time researching various seedbanks, prices, reviews, you name it. A couple of days ago I made an order for some high quality feminized seeds.

    I have not seen service or prices like this, hopefully my seeds will come in good time. Theres great reviews from individuals that ordered from there.
  7. MAD PROPS to the folks at Gypsy Nirvana, I ordered some Jock Horror (which I am very excited about) and of course got my freebie!! All in less than a weeks time to the Midwest...very cool indeed!
  8. Holy Hell. I got my seeds in full today.

    Dude. Thats 4 days.
  9. I heard there was a some things going on at Gypsy. I just order Ni8rvana seeds form a different bank. Sent the order today. I will let you knwo how it goes if you wish.

  10. Okay what is exactly supposed to be going on at gypsy, and how long should it take to get my seeds at NS canada?
  11. Freak, I had heard the same. I don't remember the details, I think it was people reporting their orders being declined for no reason, something like that. What do you recall?
  12. I just got my seeds from them the other day, I don't think anything is going on guys. Just my two cents though.
  13. Well, I don't know about anything else but the first time I checked the mail (at 6 days) my seeds were in with the freebie pack of south african durban, it was automatically processed and sent the day I ordered.

    5/5 for gypsie nirvana.
  14. I have heard of management shakeups at Gypsy Nirvana and lots of people's orders getting intercepted. I think they change their stealth shipping methods every couple months, but who knows. When I heard of the troubles, I went with a different seedbank that I have never heard complaints about. My order was mailed in Monday, and I will post results when I get them....
    other than that, I am keeping mum - don't want to jinx my order.

  15. Probably rumors propagated by the competition, seriously 6 days to Nova Scotia canada, envelope labeled as arts and crafts. :D

    Six days is when I checked, it could have been in sooner.
  16. Gypsy is retiring and handing over his buissness. I believe he is keeping seedbay for a while though. Hopefully the new people will be just as good. From what I undestand hes not leaving until he is absolutly satisfied that his coustmers saftey and privacy will not be comprimised and that his excellence in shipping and cust service is upheld. I think I speak for all when I say that he made the seed buissness what it is today. Not only that he included freebes with every order wether $15 or $50, just to spread seeds amongst friends. A man dedicated to his job and made his coustmers his first priority and his loyality was like none other. What ever he decides to do after this, I wish him luck and once again I hope I speak for everyone when I say that he will be greatly missed.
  17. Got my seeds from Gypsy in 5 days and a free pack. Gota love it
  18. I love there service Gypsy is number one in my lungs give them a 10 out of 5

  19. why don't you take a pic of the envolopes, so everyone elses seeds can get snagged by customs this week? Seriously with the shit going on with seed banks it gets even harder when your own customers give up the stealthy shipping packaging or contents there of. This is a public forum meaning even pigs could join us, and learn right along with us. Last we wantto do is give to much info to them

    other then that I have to agree..Nirvana is number 1 in my book.. Just so you know as I know they were giving away durban poison x skunk 1 as freebies.. They are now sending 5 Sadhu from mandala seeds..Anyone try these yet?
  20. I got golden skush with my latest order

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