Gypsy Nirvana Seed Boutique ripped me off!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by lewispotter, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Sent a m.o. for over 2 bills to Gypsy Nirvana Seed Boutique over 2 months ago. I ordered one pkg each of super skunk from sensi, blueberry/N.L. from Dr. Atomic and Nigerian from Afropips. I figured that it may take a little time to acquire the Nigerian but over 2 months!?!?! B.S.!! They ripped me off.

    Everyone out there reading these message boards better beware of con artists. I have been sprouting beans for decades and thought that I might try something new and exciting. The internet seemed like an easy way to get things going. Just remember....if it seems too good to be probably is. I sure miss the days of the midway.

    lewispotter :(
  2. quite possible your money order got lost.... credit/debit card is a lot more reliable... and pre-paid credit card if you\'re worried about stealth... I\'ve received all my orders from gypsy before, 5 out of 5 I believe. now use the doc though... he has a much better reputation
  3. This situation has rectified itself. After a couple of months, I was contacted by them and told that my mail-to addy had bounced and I sent them a new addy. The beans arrived in a matter of weeks.

    Sorry to all for the false alarm.
  4. LoL, don\'t worry about it. I see this happen to a shit ton of people here.
  5. Since this issue has rectified itself, I\'m going to close this thread. :)
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