Gypsum Taking The Place Of Perlite?

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  1. I went to the store and the only brand of perlite available is MG which I want to stay away from. They had Gypsum though and it kind of seems like it's basically the same thing. Could this be used in place of perlite? What would be the pros/cons? Would it be safe for seedlings?

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    I was just told this as well by a guy who runs a nursery near me....I laughed, but only after he told me there isn't any calcium or sulfer in it and then referring me to d.lime for calcium needs. :blink:
    I had thought to ask him, isn't it water soluble to a large extent? But I got distracted by the clover he had on sale, as well as some other goodies (delicious pies) so I dropped it.

  3. Do you think he knows what he's talking about? I need something for aeration of my soil but fuck MG perlite. I want to get the gypsum but I would be pissed if it fucked up my sprouts.
  4. Hmm I've been reading online about it and apparently it can change the PH unless you have Lime, which I do. I'm just wary of using it still lol. Somebody has to have some first hand experience.
  5. gypsum doesnt really break down with water. I do drywall for a living amongst other things, and it can get wet without turning to powder. it does break down into smaller pieces, but it doesnt turn to mush unless smashed while wet.
    It does hold water, and i believe it could do the same thing as perlite + vermiculite, but you dont hear much mentioned about it around here.
  6. It is not an aeration amendment, I use it with my lime, equal parts lime gypsum at 1cup/ cf.

    Its for micros not aeration, it also adds to water retention.

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  7. thank you for that microbes, i wasnt sure on it hence the "i believe" :D
  8. Thank you for that, it cleared up some things. I got some perlite. :D
    A 5 dollar bag of lava rock would have been a superior substitution for perlite.
    THAT ^^^^^^^^
    I use it as MnM does in my mix.
    While not a aeration amendment per se, it is helpful to loosen heavy clay soils. Takes a few years and more than one application though. This is in my soil garden.
    It also have very little effect on pH. With all that Ca, you would think it would, but it doesn't.
    No way would it be a substitute for perlite, or lime for that matter.

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