Gyo seedbank worst seedbank!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Jrwarr93, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. I placed an order over 5 days ago and they still havent shipped it! Cant get ahold of them by phone or email!!
  2. Funny..Their sister site (Bonza) has been unattended all day today..I wonder what's up..Bonza has now become my worst almost mis-adventure..caught em just in time..and they used to be good:(
  3. Ive herd great things about bonza thats why i gave them a shot and there totally screwing me. Ive gotta get my veg side going in time. I know rite when i buy from another bank my order will go through
  4. Here's some BS their CC provider sent me after I had already cancelled prior to them messing around..
    I have been using MNSL with very good luck (they take USA CCs) and I hear =The Vault (Sponsor) is very good too!
    "Hahhah..After I had cancelled the other day (I kept the cancellation notices from Bonza and Payofix),
    I received this today..They tried to charge my CC (charge from Nigeria no less..ROFLMAO)
    Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

    This is Payofix, the payment service provider for online websites.

    This email is just to confirm that your Credit Card was now charged for your order xxxxxxxx with the amount of USD xxxxx.xx

    Please note: the payment was processed by our overseas bank and the charge will appear with reference: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Please note as well that the processing bank could be from overseas. In some rare occurances, your bank may raise a small international transaction fee between $1.00 to $5.00. Neither Payofix, nor your merchant will benefit from such a fee. Please contact your bank in case an additional fee was raised.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this payment, please feel free to contact our support team at +18443346155 via online chat at or by sending an email to

    Payofix Team
    Toll Free: +18443346155"
    Charge Declined and card has been cancelled..Bye Bye Bonza..
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  5. Total BS. I guess im gonna give MNSL a shot then. I just hope i can cancel my big order at gyo before its too late.
  6. As soon as you cancel, I bet they come around and respond..If you used a CC, it should be easy..Just KEEP all correspondence including dates and times you tried to call..Hope you make out ok!
    BTW: With things going as they seem to be going, I NEVER place a large order with anyone..Would rather pay additional shipping than get ripped off or confiscated..
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  7. How do you cancel if you cant get ahold of them? Theres no option on the site. This is irritating lol
  8. No, there never is: With Bonza, I left them a chat msg and notified their CC provider, then cancelled that CC. A royal pain..I hope you didn't send cash or a MO??
  9. No CC. Thanks for the help and refferal!
  10. Can you reffer someone that takes US CC that sells singles?
  11. I think Attitude takes CCs, but Not sure!

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