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  1. So i have to renew my gym pass soon and am considering investing in some workout equipment instead. I would look into an adjustable dumbbell set that can go up at least 50 pounds each, a yoga ball, medicine ball, some mats, pull-up bar, and an adjustable bench. I'm a very lean person, 5'10", 150 lbs but I only want to bulk up maybe 15 lbs. Does this seem like a good at-home setup for what I want? Any suggestions? I eat well and cycle often, so I'm mainly focused on my core and upper body.
  2. how far is the gym from your home?

    I say if its not far renew your membership. Gyms provide other machines to work with and heavier sets if you dont have them. I also herd a At-home gym is pretty pricey.
  3. Personally I don't like machines, free weights are superior in almost every single way. If you want very focused isolation, then machines can help, but otherwise they're not very important.

    My vote goes for home gym. Over time you can build up a pretty nice set of equipment. When I started I had a 60lb Dumbbell set. Now I have a 300 pound bar, 250+ pounds of plates, dumbbells adjustable from 7.5-100lbs each...
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    Depends on your situation at the moment.

    Do you live with your parents? Alone? How big of an area from your house do you want to dedicate to your home gym? Do you really like lifting weights, and are you planning on doing so for a long time? How much money are you willing to spend?

    If you decide to go with the home gym, you're on the right track regarding equipment: start off with a pull up bar.
    Personally I don't like adjustable dumbbells, they're expensive as hell if you buy them new and adjusting them can get a little tedious, but if you can find a good set for a nice deal, go for it.

    (I'll always stick with these) Cap Barbell Solid Hex Single Dumbbell: Sports & Outdoors

    If you want to get serious and start working your legs too, I'd then save up and buy a nice barbell with a few plates (don't need a bench or anything to perform deadlifts, overhead press, power cleans, etc.)

    Finally, I'd save up for a solid "Power Rack" (these always have pull up bars built with them), so that you can do properly do squats, benchpress, etc., and a nice adjustable bench to go along with it. A power rack will basically complete any home gym--these things are godly.
  5. Depends what your goals are. I go between going to the gym 3-4 times a week to progrms like p90X all the time. If it wasnt for my friends I go to the gym with I'd probably just do abripperX push ups pull ups and use 30lb dumbell curls
  6. If you can be patient and buy weights as you go, then home gym might be more efficient if you had to choose one or the other. I prefer and use both. I use a home gym because I bought a thicker than normal olympic bar, but I also do enjoy using the 60-100lb dumbbells and the leg press so I retain my gym membership as well. If I had to the space to add the equipment you did, I would easily convert to only using a home gym.

    And if you want to bulk, you're going to have to focus on your lower body. Not only is there more potential for you to add muscle mass, but moving weight = more hormones pumped naturally by your glands. You can move a lot of fucking weight with your legs compared to the rest of your body; and using any additional muscle to move that much more weight can only help.
  7. The first thing I am doing when I get a job is joining the gym again. I had a personal trainer for 1 year and loved it. Now that I know how to use all the machines and what does what I don't think I will ever have a trainer again but I still love all the machines. For awhile I had a home gym and a membership to 2 gyms which was amazing. For now I just do cardio on an old stationary bike and do different exercises I've found online over time. It's easier for me to work out harder and longer when I'm at the gym. I give up easily when I'm home alone haha.
  8. Renew the gym. You can gain weight all you want but you're not gonna get big benching 100lbs and using a medicine ball.
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    IDK if it's already been mentioned, but if you want to bulk your upper body it requires more resistance than you are used to. If benching doing reps of 5 or 6, definitely go to the gym if you don't have a spotter. Be safe, as free weights can hurt you. I owned a Bowflex Blaze for a few years . Even with all "410lbs" resistance, it wasn't enough on the squat to give my quads good resistance.

    Edit: I missed the part about the dumbells. If I was working out at home alone, that's the only way I'd go on the bench.
  10. I'd invest in a home gym, it'll save time and money over the long run.

    All you really need is a power rack, pull up bar, and a mat. Maybe some flooring if you plan on deadlifting, cleans, snatches, etc.
  11. :pinvest in a home gym. realistically, all you need is an adjustable bench, a bench press, an adjustable dumbell, and a pull up bar. it will run you a few hundred dollars, but in the long run you will save money.

    even with all that shit, you can get a decent workout. biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest, you name it. it won't be that easy to build a shitload of muscle on legs with that equipment, but nobody really cares about legs anyway

  12. Have you tried?

    Or this is your professional opinion? :rolleyes:

  13. Tried what? Bulking while benching 135lbs? Lol.

    Home gyms take up a lot of space and are expensive. Weights themselves are $1/lb unless you get them used.

    And no, it's common sense you aren't going to get big without progressive overload and a caloric surplus.

    I'm talking about bulking and gaining strength, being "fit" or "in shape" is totally different.
  14. Are you serious? Legs are most important. Deadlifts and squats activate more muscles in your body than any other exercise. Definitely gonna want to do both if your bulking...
  15. I think a home gym, if properly set up, would be more preferable..
    The adjustible dumbells until you need heavier weight...
    You need a bench press(which you mentioned), however, I'd at a squat rack into the mix. What you could do is, get the squat rack and just get a stand alone adjustable bench(from incline to decline) and just shove it under the squat rack when you wanna do bench press.

    I do gyms I started again a couple months ago... got an injury in 09 that fucked my shoulder.

    However, I would prefer a homegym. Its private, its a walk into the other room, and if you can stock up with the neccesities who needs a gym.
  16. Agree. Your legs have the most potential for muscle growth and muscle mass produces testosterone, which will help you build your upper body as well. Its not like you have to go hardcore or anything just do something 1 to 2 times a week... If all you did was a few sets of high intesity squats every week and some calf raises it'd be okay.
  17. reposting this incase that last post made it look like I was pro gym. lol

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