Gym membership or snow trip?

Discussion in 'General' started by potheadtrevor, May 12, 2011.

  1. i dont have a job, my mum still pays everything for me coz i just finished school. we dont have alot of money but theres a school trip to the snow, i was thinkin either go to the snow for 3 days or oin the gym for 6 months plus she just bought me a laptop for uni and uni fee's and my schoolies fee's, what should i do?:confused:
    not go gym or snow trip or what?
  2. Get a job and do both. Seriously man, I just got a job in an icecream shop. Just walk into a place and ask.

    Also theres the fact that you're going to uni in September (I assume), so you've got a bigass summer now.
  3. Think carefully about your workload. Will you have time or desire to go to the gym? If you have never done a uni before, ask someone who has.

    If you will actually go to the gym, get the membership.

    If not, "snow trip."

    I don't really know what you mean by "go to the snow" :p
  4. find a job and help your mom
  5. In answer to the guy above, at uni you will go the gym, if thats the kind of thing you do of course. I assume you're in England, and first years are usually pretty easy, with loads of time off. i just finished my first one at Oxford brookes.
  6. Made me chuckle..

    Yeah OP, i'd suggest get a job and do both!

    Or think about the reason your going to the gym as well, if you want to exercise then you could just go for a run around your neighborhood a few times a week, instead of paying for the gym.
  7. If you're tight on cash, don't do either! You can survive with little cash, but to do a bunch of extra stuff that's why jobs exist and why people want promotions. It's the way of life. If you want to be able to do those things, start working towards making your own money. If you can live without them though, then do so and just exercise at home or find a buddy to run with. There is so many other great options for exercise that isn't a gym membership. A snow trip just seems silly during a hard financial time.
  8. thnks for the advice guys, i think il just skip snow trip i hate the cold anyway hahah but the snow is fun, and go runnin with a mate throughout the week:)
  9. I'd go on the snow trip
  10. Go shred, hit the mountain. S'where it's at brutha.
  11. Snow trip. You will never get a chance like that again. You can work out in the home for free. You dont need fancy equipment, just determination to be fit.

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