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  1. I've been going to the gym for around 5 months now and I plan to start training kickbox by the end of the month.Just wanted to know if it is okay to smoke occasionally and will it set me back.I'm a little overweight with a 140 lbs on 5.5ft.Any answers would be appreciated.
  2. Smoking anything an hour before or after exercise isnt a good idea as it lowers the amount of oxygen that your lungs can throw into your blood stream apart from that i cant see any problems. Cannabis will only make you lazy if you let it.
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  3. I dont really smoke before or after my workouts mostly when I'm going out with my friends maybe like 2 times a week.
  4. 140 lbs? You're definitely not over weight, man.
  5. I meant it because I'm not very tall and I'm kinda chuby but I got some muscles going on as well.
  6. Im pretty sure I once read somthing about regulalr smoking making it harder to put on large amounts of muscle mass- but im too stoned to find a link to it.
    Twice a week I wouldnt expect to make any noticeable difference.
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  7. If you get the munchies then that can set you back. I'm not overweight but I've finished my bulk and I'm cutting down from 205-190lbs I'm 6'2 but when I'm high I can easily eat 8k calories in one sitting LOL

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  8. Many martial artists use cannabis, hell many athletes in general smoke pot (like i dunno, world class swimmer michael phelps). Its fine.
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  9. MJ is >excellent< for working out. Easily one of the best performance enhancers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. It makes the gym, Yoga @ home, and runs/biking through the forest fantastic and allows me to push myself harder than ever. I've always been in pretty good shape but I never got a 6pack until I started smoking weed and incorporating it into my workout.

    There are a few pitfalls you should observe in order to have it work for you rather than against.

    1. Don't smoke lazy strains. Stay away from Indicas. Obviously no workouts will happen if you are blitzed out of your mind and just melting into the couch.

    2. If you are looking to workout after smoking, make sure you prepare everything you need for the workout, then smoke, then immediately get to working out. If you smoke and you let time pass between the toke and the workout start, you are increasing your chance of not working out at all and deciding to just chill. Weed is a big charmer in terms of telling you "working out is too tiring. Wouldn't you be more comfortable on the couch with a bag of Cheetos?"

    3. Be aware of and respect Munchies. Munchies, as most on here know, is a real thing and it can drag you into free-for-all pigging out. If you don't have the discipline to not chow down on crap after smoking, then all workouts in the world won't whip you into better shape since you'll still be shoveling all sorts of wrong carbs down your gullet.

    Over the years I've managed to get those 3 points under control and bc of it MJ is not just fun to work out with, but has me pushing myself like I never have before.
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  10. lol no. I lost 50 pounds tokin' for 10 years
  11. It's Don Mazetti!!!!!


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