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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. i have to tell you, i think your all amazing but*Air raid sirens start* gotta run theres a nucluer war on!
  2. well shit, I guess I'd better toke this last bowl before certain death
    *remebers he has no lighter, and not enough time to get one*

    opps, scratch that idea

  3. ^
    use two sticks to make it in nature bro!

    im gonna go watch the casabonita episode of southpark now, its kinda pertinant to nuclear war stuff..
  4. i dun know about u but i need some flipen string to start a fire wit nutten ur hands get sore as hell twirlen taht stick
  5. well shit, now the question arises.... what to do with my last 30 minutes (and who says I can't assume theres 30 minutes left :D )

    south park.... or stick twirling to smoke a bowl

    hmmmmmmm *looks down in deep thought*

    .......shit, heres my lighter, leave it to a stoner to forget that his lighter in his lap!

    guess I can watch southpark AND smoke a bowl, can life get anybetter? I submit that it cannot!!!!!!!!!!
    (well maybe if we weren't all going to die in 30 minutes)

    ps, arn't the two sticks for drumming? that was always the impression I got

  6. w00t, a brian regan fan? end of april im going to go see him @ carolines.

  7. you know it, that guys is so under rated, I'd say he is as funny as Lewis Black.

    Carolines in NY? My mom saw gilbert godfry there, that guy is kinda annoying though
  8. yup, carolines on broadway... was just there on wed. for the norton roast. Ruby Foos (right next door) has some KICK ASS food if ur hungry.

  9. cool, i guess i was pretty stoned last night then haha

  10. haha dude u know it... i got a friend who always looses his lighter in his fat :D it just slides under his gut while sitting on his lap.. then when he stands up pop out it comes lol
  11. Someone should turn this thread into a sticky.

  12. Lewis black is the greatest... i saw him and some other comedians he trained or whatnot, and they made me come so close to shitting my pants i was laughing so hard. My face was so damn sore from laughing for straight 2 hours... this was last year, and at the UNC campus in north carolina.... i woulda paid 50 bucks for the show, it was amazing!

    btw, i got him to sign the booklet :D

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  13. fucking nice man, I would love to see ANY comdiean... of course, nobody does shows in WI... bastards, Incubus isn't even coming to WI this year!

    What kinda crap is that?

  14. i say this about my threads all the time but nobody listens lol :p
  15. this just happen?

    thats fucked up, I've always wondered why they though nuclear energy was a good idea....
  16. lf the nuclear war has started l,am sitting back in my backyard sucking on bongs and drinking port waiting for the one real fireworks display :D.

  17. hahahaha!! i'm going over to critters!!!!!!

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