guys you no love wii?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by GrandmasterPK, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Seems this forum is full of xbox and playstation er's

    This forum is dedicated to the wii
    I love my wii, and it has some pretty sick games

    No more heros, monster hunter tri, zelda, resident evil I enjoyed

    Animal crossing :D
  2. Zelda and tennis are the only games I like for wii
  3. There's a bomberman game called bomberman blast on the wii market I downloaded that was fun. Another one was pop which was my girlfriends but I like to play when i 'm stoned
  4. I have my Wii softmodded, I'll play a bit every now and again but its more of a party style game system. Zelda and the like are fun but the games that are truly fun are the ones designed for multiplayer.

    I have about 270gigs of games on the hard drive.
  5. Multiplayer games are my calling, I love playing with other people.

    Plus I love the vurtual console games on the wii, that's the most kick ass part imo
  6. I love my wii!

    Play with it every night in bed!
  7. Don't forget super smash bros
  8. MadWorld, such a trippy and hilarious game.
  9. New super mario bros was okay, I didn't like the multiplay on it very much.. they need to stop remaking the same game.. I love mario galaxy though, the camera angles bothered me a bit but once I got used to them that game was sickk
  10. Wii is for virgins and slanted-eyed people
  11. ive been searching for some nintendo love on here, nothing beats playing mario galaxy stoned. Also mario kart, smash bros, new super mario bros, virtual console classics, and gamecube backwards compatibility. nintendo does shit right
  12. Nintendo is a little too archaic with their games for my taste

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