Guys: Would You Approve of Your Daughter Toking?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by StayHighAllDay, May 9, 2011.

  1. Well? Would you? I would not, ever, regardless of her age. But if I had a son I would burn one down, if that's the lifestyle he chooses, when he's old enough.:smoke:

    I have reasons, yes.
  2. Yes I would let my children smoke. Whether I have a male or female child. I would probably wait till they're atleast in highschool, preferably 16 - 17 years old.
  3. i have friends who smoke a shit load but say that if they had kids they wouldn't want their kids to smoke. i don't get it. doesn't make sense to me.

    if i had kids i wouldn't tell them to smoke, but i wouldn't tell them not to either (well until their old enough). i don't really see why gender makes a difference either.

  4. Something about weed turns women into huge sluts. I can't think of one female smoker that isn't.
  5. well, i guess that's your opinion, but in my experience those 2 thing aren't necessarily related. i know plenty of girls who toke that aren't huge sluts. I guess it depends on the crowd you hang out with or something.
  6. Correlation, not causality in this particular situation.

    Sluts are more likely to toke, but those who toke will not be made into sluts.

    And yes, I would approve of my daughter smoking, try and keep it as close to 18 as I can.

  7. But they're all at least kinda slutty, aren't they? Or at the very least promiscuous?

  8. Then you need to meet better people.;)

    I have a 15 year old daughter.. honer student in high school.. if she wanted to smoke with me she knows all she has to do is ask.. :D

    But I would prefer her to wait till shes a little older..

  9. Interesting. What is it about Marijuana that attracts sluts? Is it that sluts just want to have fun and weed is fun?
  10. if i ever have kids, yeah i would be fine with them smoking up if they where at least 16 and up but there gender is nothing that would hold me back from letting them smoke up. but i think i would want to smoke with them and see what kind of high they have so that i can better understand what he or she is doing when they are with there friends getting high :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::love::gc_rocks:
  11. it's not marijuana that attracts sluts it's anything that can "fuck them up" and a scapegoat for when they sleep with "some dude"

    if i had a daughter i would be more serious about her smoking than if a son i will admit but i would still let her do it (if grades and everything check out).
  12. as long as she got her weed from me.
  13. not the ones i know. in fact 2 of them have never had a boyfriend (and haven't slept around either).

  14. They're most likely major teases though, I know the type. And yes I assume a lot. And no I won't stop. :smoke:
  15. What if I told you I know 2 stoner chicks that aren't sluts, promiscuous, or teases. Just another one of the guys (metaphorically) that just wanna smoke and chill.
  16. lol you're good. after i read the first sentence i was like, wow this guy is persistent, and then i finished the post and i was like damn he's good. but seriously though, there isn't really anything wrong with them, they're both pretty shy actually. I'm not suggesting every girl toker is like that, but that's just the ones i know.
  17. The fact that the only girls you know who smoke weed are sluts is probably indicative of the type of people who are willing to tolerate your presence, i.e. those with low standards.
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    you hang with the wrong girls lol

    some of the coolest stoners i know are girls, these girls totally get down with the guys and hoenstly theres nothing sexier than a girl who can acually party like the NEVER go out with a chick that couldnt party as hard as me, its jus a fucking buzzkill...a couple of them are in serious relationships and to my knowledge have never cheated...i can only think of a couple slutty girls i chill with that burn, but its inevitable for their to be one or 2 sluts in a group of girls these days

    you probly dont hang out with a lot of girls then lol

    you sir are quite ignorant
  19. haha oh shit

    he's comin at you bro!

  20. This is a thread about daughters. Would you really feel comfortable having a daughter that "parties like the guys". Sounds like a dad's worse nightmare.

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