Guys with 'emo' haircuts

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  1. Not cute! I don't know where these guys get the idea that its hot and cool but a guy who's constantly fixing his hair or has it glued to his forehead is just plain LAME!

    What do you ladies think?????
  2. :confused_2: Each to their own.
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  4. i dont find it attractive because it always seems to look greasy and cover their face. having long hair is one thing. but having a comb over covering your face is another lol

  5. i have long hair-ish that's swept to the side, but i certainly don't straighten it, nor am i constantly pushing it out of my eyes or shaking my head to the side to move my bangs.

    cause... yeah i'd agree it looks dumb lol.
  6. Tell that to the girls with "emo" hair cuts who swoon whenever they see a boy who looks like a girl looking like a boy that looks like a girl.
  7. I'm a guy but yea anyway.
    Its fucking bizarre how girls are finding girly looking guys cute these days. You see guys with girly eyes and smiles, cute little noses and hair that they spend hours on and girls go nuts for it?
    I personally like to have my hair looking a little shaggy and have a nice beard, kinda like an erm, real man?
  8. I love guys with buzz cuts. Mmm. The whole emo hair thing is def a turn off. I usually dont like guys who style their hair. Like blowdrying and straightening and or gel. But I sometimes like guys who have the whole like sex hair just woke up shaggy kind of look too. If that makes sense. Just keep it natural!!

  9. Blame shitty emo bands like mcr. Rockin the fade ova here. Even cut it myself, which ive been doin for 15 years.
  10. um... i definitely don't find "girly" guys attractive lol. my boyfriend is about 6'3"(and big because he works 45 plus hours a week lifting heavy things lol) has his hair cut really shot, and sports a beard lol. i find a manly man most sexy. my guys big but hes not cut. just solid, stong and hairy haha. and i find that extremely sexy
  11. I love the "i just humped" look!
  12. lol! messy hair is so cute! too bad my bf keeps his so short. a little hair is nice..something to grab on to lol! my hair always looks like ive just been fucked :( its just got that "beachy" wave thing going on. i ahve permanent JBF'ed hair bwahah and idc ..i honestly think over styled hair doesn't look good on anyone guy or girl lol. it makes it look crunchy and hard . you should be able to run your fingers through it!
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