Guys: what's in your personal care arsenal?

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  1. What do you guys use to keep your bodies looking so fresh and smelling good:p

    best smelling aftershave lotion ive ever used!

    clean, crisp, like the breeze rolling off the ocean into the shore

  2. [​IMG]

    and a VERY underrated piece of equipment :p
  3. -Im a big fan of Old Spice. I've heard from a couple girls that it's what their dad wears and they like it!
    -I dont like wearin a whole lot of colognes.
    -Shave my arms, chest, and Gens. (Every girl i've talked to about it is down for shaved Gens. No one wants a grill full of pubes when they're tryin to get down n dirty.)
    -Curel Lotion.
  4. Im gonna try me some of that
  5. I rock out with variations of Old Spice. The newest to my collection is the "Fresh" scent. I have the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and deoderant for each scent. When I shower with "Fresh" shampoo, I use "Fresh" body wash and deodorant. My entire external hygiene is matched to one scent at a time. :cool:

    My other scents in my collection are Pure Sport and Game Day.

  6. I like "Fresh" but i went with "Swagger" this time around. I do like to switch it up a bit.
  7. That Nivea aftershave lotion is good shit
  8. Old spice. Nukka.
  9. I have some face moisturizer my one lady friend from NY gripped for me...

    I have five different types of cologne... lacoste green, polo black, wood, armani, burberry men

    I have shower gel/aftershaves that compliment the above scents

    Doder I use non-scented as to not mix my smells too much

    I have an electric razor, small electric razor for grooming, quattro

    Nail clippers, file, utter hand cream

    Burt Bee's lip balm

    Yeah I have a lot of shit.
  10. lye soap, unscented deodorant, colgate toothpaste, and cheap throw away razors.
  11. showers? Clean? shit, i just stay dirty and save myself some time ;)
  12. I go for the au natural scent. Chicks dig it.
  13. When you look this good, you don't need to take care of yourself.
  14. i'm not a guy, but i'm going to be a contributor anyway.

  15. Wow, this thread tells me I'm not much of a groomer, I don't even comb my fuckin hair:laughing:

    I just wash with soap and shampoo, pretty much fuck the rest. I use some average lynx or wahtever roll-on deodorant and the rest is all in the mind.:p
  16. chanel aftershave.
    chanel deoderant
    chanel skin care
    chanel shower gel
  17. oh
    and I only wash using soft Scottish water :D
  18. Lol, a fellow Scot! Our water boards don't put fluoride in the water like they do in the US, so we won't be as likely to get cancer, but we will have perpetually shit skin and an odd smell when the tap runs.:hello:
  19. shower, shave, deodorant.

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