Guys smoking out of a corpse's head

Discussion in 'General' started by SaladFingers, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. wow....

    just wow
  2. how the fuck do u smoke out of a head?
  3. I know right.
  4. they turned it, him into a bong.....
    why the fuck would anyone do something like this?
  5. Now that's what I call using your head...
  6. i think its wrong and all, but i was hoping they were gonna show the head......i wanted to c it, lol
  7. i just want like an ms paint diagram. if anyone can figure out how they would make a head bong, make a picture for us cuz im so confused hah
  8. Here's what I pictured:

    You put your mouth on the trachea.
  9. nice thanks
  10. kinda like any other bong, just need some gum to seal stuff up and a good drill
  11. ^^hahaha

    that's not a good way to get a"head" in life

    gross though. id never do that. It's stuff like that, that gives us bad names.
  12. tht is hilarious, i wish it said if it was the flesh and all, or if it was just the skull tho..........they shoulda taken his dick and made a steamroller outta it, lol
  13. they'll never be the head of a major corporation.

  14. hahaaha yeah they are BONE HEADS!get it!its a skull!get it get it?!?!
  15. This was right by where I live, pretty crazy. Definitely not feelin' it though, just more shit to add to anti-cannabis propoganda/reteric...
  16. lol nice. +rep
  17. this is where everything bad about cannabis comes from.
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  18. ya, its idiots like these guys tht ruin our sad.....:(

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