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  1. There is such a long story to this bt I'll do my best. About a month ago I saw one of my old friends who helped me get into weed. I smoked him out for old times sake and now it's turned into a regular thing on weekends. I think this guy is awesome, he is so full of adventure and cool stoned ramblings lol

    everything would be very straightforward from here if it weren't for a few things

    1 he is a drag queen, which I love. Guys in makeup are hott as hell. That doesn't bother me at all, but I would lose my relationship w/ my family f they found out they are hardcore catholic

    2 I'm turning 20 this year he'll be 29 in December is that too much of an age gap?

    3 I'm pretty sure were both bisexual but I'm not sure if he likes me more than a friend. That would suck. Being who we are he gives me hugs and stuff but not sure what he feels about it

    4 I used to be with one of his long time friends and I don't want to cause drama ugh

    we connect so well both high and not and I would really like to see whAt would happen if we gave it a shot. Not sure what to do here
  2. bump this is importent just say whatever I needan unbiased opinion
  3. you'll never know what would/will happen unless you approach him with what you want.
  4. I was in this situation once.
    Basically, I flat out told him I liked him (got rejected)
    Ha but it's all good we're still friends to this day.

    I would just do that, it eases the anxiety of wanting to
    know. And if he's not into it, just be like hey just wondering
    smoke a bowl and laugh.

    The hardest part is opening your mouth to say the words.
  5. Age doesn't matter, but personally I'm not a fan of a big age gap for myself. I find that people that are 2-5 years older want to get more serious and 'settle down' and it's not what I want. But if you guys are both on the same page age is just a number and holds no meaning to you.

    If you used to be with one of his friends but theres no drama involved it shouldn't be a problem. That's some bullshit high school drama when people can't get along over that kind of stuff. Just talk to him before hand and make sure it's all cool. In then end it will be HIS problem and not yours...his friend would get pissed at him if anything.

    Losing your family might suck A LOT. Guys can come and go, but your family is forever. That might make it hard to have a serious relationship. But again, talk to him about it. Maybe he has a more family friendly appearance and can dress to impress. If this is just for a little fling and not a more serious relationship you can keep it hidden and have fun.

    But just tell him how you feel and what your looking for. If it's meant to be it ill happen. But he seems like a cool guy that will still be friends even if nothing more comes from this.
  6. Next time you smoke, just ask him... I don't know if its just me but I was prefer girls who don't beat around the bush.

    The best way I've found of asking girls out (i don't know if its different between girls/guys) is getting baked... talk random stuff and ask them in good humor, don't just come up with it out of the blue.

    Hardest thing is asking and if hes a good friend which he sounds like he is even if he rejects im sure he will still be as awesome as ever.

    About the family thing... I live my own life and don't care what my family think so im not the best person to ask :p
    But if it helps, I've found familys will always stick together... might be able arqward at first but otherwise it should be fine.
  7. Imma keep this short, think about it long term? Take the good and the bad and see what happens.
  8. 29 year old drag queen?

    go for it.
  9. If you guys connect really well...then what does it matter what the age is? I've known people that were 15 years apart and didn't act like it for a second, and I've had friends in relationships the same exact age and be on completely different maturity levels. The number really doesn't matter that much once you are in your 20s.

    The parents and friends are something to be careful about on the other hand

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