Guys need to step up!

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  1. Women do all sorts of painful and time consuming things to make ourselves look and feel good. I personally take extra care of my private area bc I know what my husband likes. Why don't you dudes stop being lazy and do some man grooming? How about looking in the mirror before leaving the house or shaving nasty back and ass hair?
  2. how about i do all of the above? kthxbai

  3. Haha! I love this! I agree totally i spend time tweezing, waxing, shaving, blow drying, curling/straightening, and doing my makeup! It's unfair that the standard for men is so low, though my boyfriend does take care of himself pretty well. His facial hair is always tidy, he does fix his eyebrows in the middle lol, and he trims down there. I don't really mind the hair other places. But it sucks when a guy kisses you with a prickly face,it always hurts my skin lol.
  4. I am perfectly groomed in every way... who wants to touch me? I SAID WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME!?
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    *poke* lol
  6. I don't get this at all, I'm sorry. I don't want to be mean, esp cause you seem very nice but uhm, are we heading towards equality rights here? Same standards? Comon.

    Please, come back when society accepts the fact that men should be able to hit women as they hit men. Thank you.
  7. I'm all for equal rights and that man but a woman physically can't hit a man like a man can hit a woman. It would take some serious shit to make me think about hitting a woman, only for the reason that I can hit her so much harder than she could ever hit me (in most cases, there are some strong women out there).

    Unless she's going nuts with a scimitar I'd probably just let it go... :shrug:

  8. i keep my pubes trimmed, but i refuse to shave my chest or back. You got a problem with that? there is the door -----> I've said this twice to 2 women, and guess what....they both stayed. Don't like me for me, move along. I shouldn't have to spend half hour in front of the mirror shaving myself and "grooming" to be attractive. That's a woman's job. or a gay man's for that matter. I'm not hating on all you metrosexual homos who like to shave their asses and chests, i just can't do it. So if that's a breaking point ofr a woman i'm seeing, that sounds like a personal problem and the last thing i need is a superficial woman in my life.
  9. but it's not superficial or shallow for you to expect a woman to do the same?
  10. I think his point was that not many women need to worry about shaving their ass or back, because they just don't grow hair there. Guys on the other hand would need weekly shaving sessions to remain hair free in those places.
  11. i keep my crotch well always makes yo junk look bigger!

    but i dont have a problem with ass and/or back hair,sooooo.....
  12. rightly so, but our RECENT culture places norms on women to pamper and prepare themselves everyday, when in reality they didn't do that for the first 50,000 years of humanity. i think this superficial bullshit is a crock of shit. if a woman is beautiful without layers of makeup and hairspray, then she is truly beautiful; not artificially beautiful. same goes for men, we don't need to shave our beards or body hair to be more attractive; but the consensus is men needn't do such things.
  13. where did i say that? I don't expect anything. If a woman won't shave her legs or armpits, she needs to live in the wilderness then. I don't care if they shave their pussy, but at least trim it. When it comes to shaving legs or armpits, shit that's just common knowledge. Women were brought up to do that for many many decades. This whole manscaping bullshit only started about what, ten years ago? You sure as fuck wouldn't see burt reynolds or paul newman shaving their chests now would you? And you sure as fuck wouldn't see marylin monroe with hairy legs, now would you? So if this makes ME superficial, great i don't really give a shit. But show me 1 guy here who would say, seriously, that he didn't care if his girlfriend stopped shaving her legs or armpits and i'll show you a filthy liar. oh and i'm not talking about make up and hairspray and spending 2 hrs in front of the mirror prettying yourself up. Just take a shower, and i'm happy. I don't like a lot of makeup, or any (depending on a woman) on a woman and i hate when they take more than 20 mins to get ready. I'm just talking about shaving here
  14. I love me a woman who can be attractive without make up.Those are the best kind of women imo.

    But as far as the leg shaving and everything,I kinda gotta have that going on for my girl.Mostly though because I just love a nice pair of legs and the way they feel,all smooth and silky.:ey::yummy:
  15. Hmm, I agree. I love a naturally beautiful woman, the less make up the better. But for some reason I think I'll always prefer them to be well groomed in the hair department, shaved is good I think.

    Natural beauty, YES! Hair, NO!

    Dunno why :)
  16. I'm a guy who is built with a ripped stomach, manly shoulders, nice biceps, no unnecessary hair, so basically handsome. The way I look at it is, if other men don't want to take care of themselves, more pussy for me. I do shave my pubes, because most women like skin on skin better, and a bigass bush of rough hair hitting their ass when i'm pounding them doggy style turns them off.
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    Um... Why can't you just admit that men aren't really expected to work on their appearance the way we do? I don't even think they should. One of the things I find so attractive about my boyfriend is his manliness lol. I mean he's a big guy, he's hairy; and his fingers and hands are calloused but he always takes the time to make
    sure he's clean and tidy. The point is is either way it's classless to go around looking like a slob. If most guys would take ten minutes to look in the mirror and fix themselves up a
    bit they'd look a lot better! They don't need to do all the things we girls do, but they should take some pride in their appearance!

  18. agreed. Taking care of yourself and being well groomed is one thing. I just think that me shaving my chest or ass or back is excessive. I never look like a slob and i always make sure i look good leaving the house. But i won't spend 20 minutes doing my hair with gel and spray and whatever else.
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    I know it's funny but I like that my boyfriends hairy, he looks like a
    man. I do tease him a little for having a hairy butt, but i don't really care lol. It's all in good fun. It sounds like you do what he does. he basically makes sure is beard is neat, shaves his mustache so it doesn't prickle me, puts on some cologne lol. I think gel is nasty. His hair is too short for it anyways but you can run your fingers through someones hair if it's all covered in gel! I don't use gel or hairspray because it makes your hair all hard lol

  20. see, that's what i'm talking about. My current gf hates body hair and all that jazz but she's gotten used to it. Hell, i even shaved my pubes off once for her cause she kept naggin me about it. Well, when she say my hairy self with one bald spot around my dick and balls, she coudln't stop laughing and told me to never do that again. She now appreciates my hairyness and has never asked me to shave any part of my body. She also likes my hair short and i never put anything in it anyways. I don't have a beard though, not a fan, neither is she. I do want a mustache when i turn 35 or something....

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