Guys - Is this intimidating? Strange? What's their deal?!

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  1. Hey dudes. And even dudettes, if you want to throw in an opinion or dos.

    So, here's my situation/question.

    I love weed, but I am honestly shit at rolling joints, blunts, whatnot. Paper is just not my friend. SO, in knowing my weakness, I have amassed a comprehensive collection of glass. At this point, I have three bowls, a bubbler, chillum, dugout, steamroller, and two bongs (one illadelph and a left coast).

    I like to have my variety of glass around so I can have different highs...nothing puts me to sleep better than smacking my illadelph tube before bed :p's the deal. Whenever I have MALE stoner friends over for the first time (because I have few female friends who smoke, and those that do don't bat an eye at my collection) they seem rather...taken aback or put off or SOMETHING over my amount of glass. Usually, I ask them what they would prefer to smoke from, and I pull out my various pieces. I've gotten reactions from confusion to being put off to extreme surprise...

    So, my question is....whats the deal?!?!?! Shouldn't we view smokers equally? Is it such a surprise for a female to be an enthusiast? :confused:

    Looking for clarity. Thanks guys :wave:
  2. The deal is you know some pussy ass dudes!
  3. maybe they r suprised at the amount u have. i dont understand why but whatever that is the guy crowd by u then. i personally think glass is better than papers, just because they are quicker. but then again rolling something ever now and then is always a nice change of pace. i say screw them and keep up the glass collection.
  4. EXACTLY; if anything I would just be calling you more. I have my own collection of glass, love it, but a chick that smokes a lot and has an impressive collection?? That's just awesome... :D
  5. If you got money to blow. Blow it.

    I've had many pieces myself, but thanks to alcohol, almost half of which are broken.
  6. Dude Mairuzu if you don't wanna break pieces buy bongs instead of pipes. I've broken 3 or 4 pipes in my time but never broken a bong.
  7. I personally like seeing somebody elses tool kit. Guys who are weird about it, probably feel a little emasculated since your collection outdoes theirs.

    In my experience girl stoners don't have more than a bong and bubbler. I'd be a bit surprised to see a a girl with the collection you have

    But that s badass that you have a huge armory of toking pieces. Its quite endearing. Like when a girl knows how to roll a really good joint.
  8. Hah, I have. I do have bongs though. Bubblers. Spoons. Etc.
  9. i just found my dream chick, loves the bud but loves the glass also... i wish i had friends that knew about the variety of glass out there... their not taken aback their just taken aconfused....
  10. Can I come over and hang out with you?

    If the guys you hang out with aren't retarded I think what is happening is they are impressed by your collection, or maybe you... ;)

  11. Will you marry me?
  12. Those are probs douches who buy by the G or smoke only blunts.

    Meaning you're the superior smoker. If I met you I'd just be like "Oh that's badass you have a nice collection"
  13. Shit when I move into a nice house
    one day, I'm gonna have a whole room
    dedicated to my glass, my glass is always
    clean and taken care of, it's gonna be on display
    and when that happens, I'll show GC.

    A few years off but the collecting will never stop.

    I LOVE IT!
  14. heres a question though: would you rather know a girl who can roll really well but has no glass, or has lots of glass but can't really roll? (i know this is a rather black and white question..just curious.)

    but i definitely need to improve my roll skills.
  15. It's not a black or white question...infact it has nothing to do with race.
    It has to do with personal which case I don't care.

    I'd rather have a girl that smoked the herb than one who didn't appreciate it.
    No matter what kind of techniques she uses to smoke it.
  16. Personally it has to be has a lot of glass but cant roll. I love smoking out of glass as where i am you can just walk around with a bowl and no one really cares as well as getting so much more stoned off of bongs.

    As for the rolling i can handle that i pride myself on my ability to roll a very nice blunt though j's i still need a bit of help on

  17. Seeing a girl able to roll a nice joint or blunt would be way hotter than seeing a clutter of pieces you own (which all you had to do was spend money on.)

    I hate rolling, but i can never trust anyone enough to let them roll it. So having my girl roll one would be awesome.

  18. A nicely rolled blunt goes well with a nicely made sandwich.
  19. This.

  20. I would rather have a girl roll it, somethings hot about when you lick the paper...:p

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