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Guys, is the Arizer Solo good and is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by rodgersizsik, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. I really want to buy this portable vape because I want to still get high without hurting my respiratory system and lungs so badly. Vape would mak me feel so much healthier. I just want to know if the high from them are any good? My friend told me it's just ight. I want to still get the high I get from smoking, how does the high from vaping compare?

    It's a pretty solid vape man. I got mine about six months ago and haven't heard any problems. The vape high is more clear headed than the smoking high, but it can be just as intense in my experiences.
  3. I have had my solo for 3 months and have had some of the best highs from this vape while conserving a lot of my bud. The high is actually better and different at the same time. Your more clear headed but you still have that high you get from smoking but with less stoned effect . You can reach that level where you are "stoned" if you turn your vape up to a temp of 390-400 but then your not really vaporizing if its smoking. I would get the solo it has awesome battery life. Easy to clean glass stem and if you know how to properly clean the stainless steel bowl its easy as well.
  4. I'm in kind of the same situation as the OP. How about smell? does it stink up a bedroom? Not a huge deal but just curious.
  5. Just order an o ring for the Solo and it will guarantee airtight flow without any vapor leaking at all. Put a towel by the door with an incense burning or a few candles with a fan blowing towards the window and your set. I live in an apartment building and have been vaping for the last 3 months and have never had a problem I have even gone outside for a while and came back to see if I noticed a smell at all and to my surprise not a single lingering smell was left in my place even after 2 bowls
    The Solo is by far the least smelly portable vape I have come across.
    This is compared to MFLB, Thermovape T1, Pax, Inhalater XP, and Pinnacle Pro.
    The Solo leaves less smell in the ambient environment than any of the others listed above. Exhaled vapor from any vape will smell, but the Solo itself emits less smell than the others.
  7. Definitely worth it :) Just not pocket sized if thats what you need.  Vaping gets you just as high, its just more of a head than body high for me.
  8. Owned for 2 maybe 3 years now? I don't exactly man, been really baked since I got it. ;)
  9. thanks for the help:)
  10. All arizer products are great! you can also check magic flight that is great too! To get them for best price check epuffstore.com they have always best deal!
  11. Omg I love my Arizer solo. It's amazing. Makes it taste great easy to use and clean. So worth the money! I'm going to make stuff with my Vaped weed too. Nothing wasted!! ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389397119.160016.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  12. Just got mine last night and it works like a dream. It was worth the money I promiseSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  13. Can't go wrong with the solo bro. puffitup is where i got mine, 160 with the coupon code "solo160"Sent from my SPH-L710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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