guys im scared i dont think i smoked weed

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  1. well i bought some bud i smoked alot of bowls and wtf this isnt a normal thing
    im stitting at my computer right

    and fucking i start staring into the sscreen and i relax and my eyes start twitching x 4345345times and if i relax more it lets me fly into the universe i see crazy things that are like in geometric shapes its like this isa salvia trip

    help me wtf is this shit i keep trippin hard and thinkin other parts of my body belong to the other
  2. also i feel like these these fractal patters are locked around my face and go int my faciel bones and stretch and its like those 80's games that are 2d idk but its crazy its not a full hallucination im saying its crazy because idk tis is crazy

    im no troll please believe me

    oh and look at my other threads im not a dick
  3. the eye twitching is nystgyma (sp?) happend to me when i was rolling balls...

    but maybe your weed could have been laced... if you got any of it left check it out.
  4. Yeah, I'd inspect the crop if I were you. Of course, do so when your visions isn't crowded by fractal patterns and the psychedelic like.

    Good luck!
  5. idk bout that its not laced
  6. Eye shaking is Nystagmus... I'd be pretty surprised if you got that from laced weed. Lacing is pretty rare and the type of chemicals that cause them - MDMA MDA & Ketamine <=== speshially ket< get destroyed by high heat which would have been created when you smoke it.
    You were probably just tripping real nice. Like I'm about to...
  7. Its very rare to get laced weed. Its probably something else.
  8. its crazy i start seeing everything from the first layer of my eyes then itstated to twitch 2423423432 times a second and i saw this large cat 10000's of my computer screen into mini circles

    fractal geo shit and now i can fly round the universe in this tube thing
    I want that.

  10. haha its not even chronic shit its high mids or whatever you call it

    idk if anyone can explain this
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    Damn dude... You cant lace with with something that makes you hallucinate that hard... I mean, not even PCP could give visuals like that. Sounds like you could be just imagining it, and are just really fucked up from good herb.

    And its been over an hour and 10 minutes since youve been "tripping." So that rules out DMT, which would be extremely rare anyway.
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    okay guys i saw exactly this

    except the guy was looking straight up and side on

    it was normal human skin also not weird like that one and instead of a line going curvy mine was straight and a few seconds later i keep like 'flying' into the vision and it forms more universes its hard 2 explain

    also many things like a mac donalds logo turning into a swastica and so much other shit happened

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  13. :rolleyes:
  14. also it was like those olden day movies where you drive to a drive in cinema and the movie is choppy i dont know what im talking bout but..

    what i saw was definatly not normal and it must have something to do with meditation

  15. haha i didnt mean it that way lol i actually did see it but it was due to my eyes twitching like a motor

    i actually did hallucinate.
  16. Wow...

    Just take a sleeping pill and just try to sleep it off. It probably wasn't laced.
  17. can anyone explain what the fuck i saw.
  18. Weed can cause mild hallucinations. I forget why, and Im too lazy to find the article.

    Ive smoked so much that I've seen kaleidoscope patterns, red, blue, purple. Arrows turning into dragons, then morphing into different shapes and animals. Only closed eye visuals, when I opened my eyes, the patterns would fade. I ended up throwing up later that night.

  19. i was seeing this with my eyes half closed and what you saw was the start of what i saw
    i saw fucking fractals man full crystal clear shit
  20. What you describe sounds like DMT, but it couldn't be because DMT only lasts around 20 minutes. It couldn't have been PCP, because it doesn't give hallucinations that intense.

    Wiki says:

    "Marijuana is rarely laced with other substances. Cannabis is sprayed with cheap chemicals, which will only affect the consumers lungs, in order to increase weight and therefore profit; lacing has become so widespread that there are even commercial products on the market (such as brix+) for this very purpose. Cannabis adulterants are applied by spraying the complete plant 7 to 10 days prior to harvest date. The health effects of this adulterated cannabis is not yet known.

    One of the most regularly told urban myths regarding cannabis talks about various other recreational substances such as PCP or cocaine being used to adulterate cannabis. This is very rare without the end user paying more for the cannabis, as it is not financially viable for illicit drug dealers to contaminate a substance with a substance that costs more than the original substance (i.e its not financially viable to cut a bag of cannabis that is sold for £20 for 3.5 grams with something that costs £40 for one gram)."

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