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GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP, How should I keep the smell to a minimum?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xJord4n, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Sup, so in a few hours me and my friend are gonna be in my room hitting my bong, were each just gonna smoke a bowl each maybe two bowls each. Were gonna blow it out the window, should I leave the window open after we smoke? What are some good tricks to keep the smell to a minimum? :wave:
  2. leave the window cracked open all nite and febreeze the room if you got it.
  3. Is it your own place?
  4. Depends on who you need to avoid and their habits. Parents? Cops? Roommates?

    If you need to eliminate all smell, open the window, put on a fan, and use a sploof, then spray air freshener. If you just don't want the room to reek, opening the window and blowing out it would be enough. Definitely leave the window open for at least a little bit afterwards if you want the smell to go away quicker.
  5. I don't think I've ever seen such superb advice. LISTEN TO THIS MAN, HE IS A GENIUS
  6. Be carefully if it's windy the smoke could blow right back in
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    Unless you're smoking a joint/blunt, if you blow smoke out of the window, I doubt it'll smell. If you're paranoid, make a sploof. Blanket under door, febreeze your room slightly as too much is a giveaway.

    I've smoked plenty in my room and the only time it smelled was when I smoked an eight gram joint and the wind was pushing smoke back in my room.. friends didn't really give a shit and blew smoke wherever too
  8. hide the smoke in a cardboard box then throw it out when nobody is around
  9. I'm usually not this guy, but.... If I see one more thread about this...well I won't do shit, but I'm sitting on my phone, and I see like 5 threads about this. The search function is your friend.
  10. [quote name='"ddog7x"']

    I don't think I've ever seen such superb advice. LISTEN TO THIS MAN, HE IS A GENIUS[/quote]

    Lol your avatar is great. What's that from again?
  11. I just don't want my parents to catch me, i still live with them.
  12. Wallace and Gromit <3

    Yeah, just open the window, blow out using a sploof, put on a fan (preferably smoking right in front of it with it blowing out the window), spray some freshener and you should be good. Assuming you have a bit of time before they might enter your room (if you might be smoking 4 bowls then I'd assume that's the case :p)
  13. while you are smoking try and kept the bong as close to the window as possible so as much smoke makes its way out the window.

    if you can, try and put a blankit around the area you are smoking

    this way whatever extra smoke u have will only stay in the area by the window and not spread out into the room.

  14. Turn on your fan open your window blow your hits out the window. Keep the window open and fan on when done blazing and, the smell will go away in like 20min.
  15. leave window open for at least 2 hours
    fan on towards window
    blow into sploof pointing out window
    if there is a door you might want to put a wet towel on the floor by the crack
    febreeze the shit outta that place after and during :)
  16. hiding smell when you're smoking indoors is a pain in the ass. Instead, I saved up an bought a nice vaporizers for $220. I know what you're thinking, "holy shit that's expensive." yeah, but here's why you should do this:

    1. no smoke, which is easier on your lungs plus:
    2. hardly any smell. it leaves a smell of straight weed and in my experience only people who know what weed smells like can tell what it is.
    3. Since it's vapor, it dissipates into the air real quick unlike smoke that lingers. so when you open the door it wont look like a fucking cypress hill concert.
    4. Vapes use less weed to get you high. For each bowl i use maybe .10 grams? Im not sure but i CAN make an ounce last 2 months with blazing about 4 times a day

    .. so eventually it kinda pays for itself or helps pays for weed in a way

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