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  1. I’m planning on upgrading my grow room by adding 4 more gavitas for a total of 8 lights. As of now I’m running off of a 60 amp breaker with #8 thhn wire. What is going to have to shake to make this happen. I’ve been looking a power converters but I need to know other peoples experiences. 8 lights 4 fans 2 5000btu ac

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  2. Well first you need to know how many amps each item draws out at max then add them up and see where that puts you.....
  3. Ever thought about LED lighting ?
  4. Running about 80 square feet of grow space on about 3500 actual watts
    Energy bill is 260.00 per month .
  5. I might get the Helios 8. It’s the right light controller that’s hard wired the a 50 amp breaker on the bottom it has the two 120v cabel that plug into wall outlet timers but do you thing it would be safe to run 6 lights off of it. Each light will be giving off 3.5amps in 240v so that’s 21 amps the out put power of the device is 40

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  6. ok but thats just lights off that same circuit in your house, so then you need to add up the fans you will be running, other items like humidifier, etc... THEN you need to see what other wall sockets in your house is on that breaker and see what all of THEM have plugged in and how many all of that is drawing...... so for my grow room for instance, IT IS A STANDALONE circuit. meaning from my breaker box to the wall plugs in the room, are all on one breaker.... this is common for most modern houses, BUT some rooms share some things especially if they are very close together. AN OLDER house has many rooms usually on one breaker, this is how my place was until i REWIRED the house to get my room on ITS OWN BREAKER ALL TOGETHER. so there is a lot of things to consider here.....
  7. The building is being ran off of a sub panel fed by a number 8 thhn wire to a sub panel box which will have a 50 amp breaker to power the controller with a separate wire I’m going to have to run for fans and ac and timers. And btw I’m trying to learn not be right in no way I’m young coming into this and have determination to do anything to make this happen

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  8. And yes requiring from the main panel not just the 50 amp in the sub panel lol

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  9. Ok so let me get this straight...... this is an actual separate building, and you are running power to it from your house..... with its own breaker, Then the building will have a fuse box in which you will have a breaker for lights specifically, and one specifically for the accessories? Correct?
  10. Ok so here’s what I WOULD DO..... fuck making a breaker in your house breaker box, thats just fucking dumb. Would see what gauge wire you house has coming in to your house breaker box for the 110v standard (if your US) match it, then tap into it and run a stand alone breaker box in the building.....

    also electricity comes into a house at 220v so you need to find the transformer in the breaker box that drops it to 110v and run from that. And mind you I have every little time working electricity so talk to a pro, but what I said above is exactly what I would do.
  11. Yup I’d run a sub panel out to building. And drop in 4-8 new breakers to that box.
  12. Exactly, no point in putting breaker on breaker...
  13. Ok it is a old motorcross track there is no house or rooms Involved just the building. There are various breakers on the panel that power things like a water pump and other buildings. that building has a buried 8 cabel to power it. Your saying I need to tap Into the main power that is powering the main panel and run a new box?

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  14. I have a sub panel in now

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  15. ok so.... you are adding another building to grow in then.... I would tap into the power coming into the main building and add a second breaker box in the new building you are making for growing. idk what the definition of a sub panel is so i will ignore that..

    but i would want the straight up power that comes into the old building to be the same power in the new building and in the new building, have its own stand alone fuse box so that if i shut off every breaker in the old building, the new one would still have power.

    you would be using the same power meter as the old building, but you wouldn't be using the old buildings fuse box in any way other than to tap into the raw power before the old buildings breakers.
  16. Your lesson had been taught thank you very much. From what I’ve seen I can use no 3 wire to tap into the main power supply to hookup the new FUSE BOX

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  17. ya see thats what i am unsure of as to how to do just that. i was unsure if it was possible or if other wire would be needed. my only concern running a three wire like that an depending on the distance, could be a huge safety issue, i know you probably dont care about being up to code and i wouldn't be either, but their is a reason 100' extension cords are the gauge wire that they are and its not safe to daisy chain them either. thats why i was goin in the direction i was.

    hope it works out for you though and let us know what you do! i am sincerely interested as i want to get a building as well and do the same deal you are!

  18. They make a solid copper no.3 instead of the standard 3 part and with winter coming around it should be pretty nice thanks man I’ll give you a update for sure.

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