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  1. i work at this new job at an upscale asian bistro restaurant. I've been working there for about 2 months now. I enjoy the job a lot and it is a good paying job as well. however there are some negative forces in this job. I am a food runner which is more or less like a server accept i probably have a few more responsibilities. there is this one server in particular, that i absolutely despise. he is always so disrespectful to me and other people and he always talks shit and runs his mouth insulting people. he'll call me a fucking idiot to my face and frequently refers to "skeeting" on me in some regards at least once a shift. he always comes off as an arrogant prick. i have a strong desire to beat the everloving shit out of his ass. he is the same age as me. he is slightly taller but i am more stout and muscular. i am also much more vicious. however i don't want to lose my job because i got into it with him. however, i would like to fight him.

    what do you all think i should do to handle this to make him stop talking shit?
  2. ....after work, he is free game

    perhaps he should accidently "fall" in the parking lot or something

  3. Pull some Tonya Hrding shit on his knee.
  4. yeah but if i attack him in the parking lot he would be a little bitch snitch and the manager would probably fire me. i want the fight to be mutual and i want witnesses.
  5. man, if weed taught us anything it is that fighting solves nothing! peace man. really..

    that doesnt mean though, that you can't vandalize his car or property when he isnt around.. kind of as intentional bad karma for him being a dick
  6. ^ but seriously i tired of his disrespect and it's going to stop come one way or another.
  7. put a boot on his car and toss the key, put locking lugs on every tire except one and just entirely remove that tire.

    then when he talks shit to you about it knock the crap outa him. fighting solves everything unless the dude is rich then your ...
  8. it sounds like you have a good job, especially if you enjoy it. you say you are a server, but any job , you gotta start at the bottom, who knows, you might own the place oneday? as far as the bothersom employee, let your boss know that you are being threatened by another employee, dont tell who it is, you dont want to be a rat! but you wanna cover your ass when the time comes to knock that sorry sack of shit out. when that time does come, try to be patient enough to have them join you somewhere private, then rip his head off and piss and shit down his throat! dont do it in front of customers or fellow employees. good luck!
  9. I'm with Dairyman. Find a peaceful (non-violent) solution. Kicking his ass won't change his attitude and will probably just cause you problems at work.

    So let me get this straight... you're a food runner but he's a server? So does he rely on your help throughout the shift? If he does, then you have plenty of opportunity to get back at him... in the same environment he gives you shit in! And in restaurants, there are so many ways to get someone off your back. I worked as an food expeditor (probably much the same as a food runner) at an upscale Italian restaurant for 3 years, basically because I was tired of waiting tables. All the servers depended on me to get their food. Having been in the business for more than 20 years, I knew how important my job was to the smooth running of the restaurant. I had the power to fuck everyone's shit up and make their shifts miserable. And every once in awhile, we'd hire a server who thought his shit didn't stink. Within a month, I would have that server's respect.

    Servers rely on pretty much every other position in a restaurant... bussers, hostesses, bartenders, cooks... to help them do their jobs. As a server, it sorta sucks because any of the other employees can fuck up a server's shift. You, as a food runner, can slow down his service and throw off his rhythm, and believe me, his tips will reflect it. If you can't seem to find a way to derail his service, you can always go to a manager and complain that you can't do your job right if the servers are harrassing you. Don't worry about the Snitch Factor. It's not like you're snitching on someone for getting high on the job or anything. You're making a report in order to ensure that you're able to do your job to the best of your abilities. The manager should respect that. It shows that you care about your job. Just don't be a sniveling bitch about it. Approach the manager with something like this: "I know my job and I perform it to the best of my abilities, but there are servers that harrass me and that takes away from my ability to perform the job efficiently." I've used that same sort of argument with my manager on several occasions and have always received an apology from the offending server... which gave me an edge over the servers.

    Basically, you've got to stand your ground and not let this guy get the best of you. And you can do it all without getting violent over it. Fuck him up without throwing a punch. And when you do, I'll bet that you'll get a whole lot more respect from the other servers.
  10. ^ well if i fuck up his orders he will just complain to the manager (he is a little snitch, he always go to the manager) than i will get flack for not doing my job.

    i may not get his respect for beating his ass but it will stop his disrespect for sure.

    next time he starts running his mouth i'm gonna tell him a want to settle it in the parking lot after work.
  11. Then why are you hesitant to do the same? Why not just go to the manager and say that this guy isn't letting you do your job? I'd surely have more respect for you if you chose brains over brawn in dealing with this guy. And your co-workers would, too, I'd bet. :cool:
  12. but i'm not trying to come accross looking like a snitch ass bitch like him. if i did that i would consider myself hyprocritical.
  13. It's not risk losing your job there if you enjoy it
  14. man just beat the shit out of him after work, outside of uniform, and off the property, they really cant do nothing then cause it would be his work against yours.....just beat the shit out of him, dont talk shit like"this is for you talking shit at work" caust then they might be able to do something........

  15. Tisk tisk, men and their ego's....

  16. But, dude, if the guy is making it a pain in the ass to work at an otherwise enjoyable place, you shouldn't have to put up with it. Instead of kicking the guy's ass out in the parking lot... which, as I've found in my vast experience, won't change his attitude in the long run... try working it out at work, either with him or with the manager.

    I don't understand your take on the 'snitch' label. It's not like you're 'telling on him'. You're just letting the manager know that you can't do your job with this guy giving you shit all the time. Obviously, you haven't been able to make the guy mellow out. Take it to the manager. That's what he's there for... to manage the restaurant, including situations like yours. :cool:
  17. Ain't it the truth?! :rolleyes: :cool:
  18. I dunno if you should beat his ass, even though I'm sure it will feel quite good to do so. If you get charged with assault it is a bitch to deal with, so if you do beat the shit out him ... make sure no one sees it or make sure he throws the first punch.

    If I was in that situation, I would just tell that dude to shut the fuck up and do his fucking job instead of making his retarded comments. If he still didn't shut up, then it's either time to get in his face or put a few bricks through his car windows and slash his tires.

    I think going to the manager is kind of pussy, which this guy obviously is. If you decked him he'd probably start crying, rofl. Anyways, whatever you do just becareful and think out the consequences first so you don't get caught and have charges thrown against you.

    Good luck :)
  19. well i don't want to fuck up his property because i have a really nice car i park in the lot as well. i just want to fuck him up for being such a prick. i'm about to go to work now as a matter of fact and i'll let you know how it goes when i get back home.
  20. the way i see this man, you can either fuck his ass up or talk with the manager about it, not much else you can do

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