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  1. Hey, My names Matt, im 18, and I'm from the uk.
    This is my first post, but anyways, i need some advice, your thoughts would be much appriciated :)
    So, for you to understand, im going to give a cut a long story sort and explain some stuff before i tell you what i need advice on..
    I currently work at a local supermarket, 9PM - 5AM Mon-Fri, i like my job at the moment, theres no-one else in the shop at night, and my boss smokes weed, so we get to smoke while we work - its pretty chill not gunna lie  and i get to smoke all day doo. :metal: :yay:
    I havent been outside of the uk ( gone abroad ) in abour 3 years, and i feel as if i want to get out and explore new sights, meet new people, and just experiance a different culture for a change. I want to go on a working holiday to new zealand, which is possible, saving up would take me a while, but it is possible. It would take me about 6-12 months to save up the money,
    I probably wouldnt get to keep my job in the uk, but if i liked it enough i would probably stay there, do you guys think it is worth risking it?, sorry if it seems trivial, but this trip could kinda change my life forever, so i wanna be 100% sure before i make a decision.
    Cheers everyone - Matt.

  2. Don't make decisions until you get to NZ . You could end up not liking the place so keep your options open. 
  3. Just tell her how you feel and if she can't deal then it wasn't meant to be. Good luck.
  4. Go for it. One of the biggest issues with young people these days is never wanting to leave home. Parents drive their kids around everywhere like royalty, give them trophies for not winning a damn thing and even for losing, spoil them with everything, watch their social skills rot behind computers and texting cell phones -- and the parents wonder why the kids never want to leave home and are so socially awkward and have no independence.
    The world is large and wonderful and you'll never get to experience it stuck with mommie and daddy in your little home town.
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    In your opinion though how do you do it? This is a little long but I've noticed you have really good opinions so I would really really really appreciate your opinion on this. I just got out of a bad break up with a girl who coincidentally was from New Zealand. We both just turned 22 and I met her here months ago because she was in Florida doing the Disney college program. Well she went back to NZ since her program ended about a month ago and she decided to leave me once she got back. She left me because well me and her would talk about traveling the world and seeing and doing it all, about goals and dreams and seeing every culture and country because that's how you truly live a rich and amazing life. Well she came to America for a year did so much and met a bunch of friends from all over the world and once she got back she noticed how everything was the same and all her friends/family were exactly the same and nothing had changed so she was hating being home and decided that she wasn't going to wait for me and that she was going to pursue what she originally planned to do once she got back home to NZ which was to work and save for a year, get a 2 year working visa for Europe and literally just buy a one way ticket to London and look for a job and own place to live just like that with no exact plan because it's "part of the adventure of traveling and living life" she would say...I always admired her ambition and how amazingly adventurous she was. So there she goes to London, moving onto the next amazing adventure, traveling and living in Europe.. So now I'm just left here lost and confused, how am I going to do this as well? I don't believe in school being the answer to everything because all you do is go to school, get a job, slave under someone else to make their dreams come true, and then your only travel is "vacation" and that just becomes life, all those dreams just a memory and I can't let that happen. She agreed as well and didn't like how hard it was to live and work here yada yada and I learned that that's how it is in America it's like brainwashing. But anyways I learned that traveling for her is different, she can get a working visa since NZ is a commonwealth country to Europe as opposed to Americans only being able to visit for a few months and cannot work. So basically all I can do is save, go there travel until funds deplete, and come back until the next time. I don't have the option to just go to Europe and work as I travel for years, that would be amazing.. so how do I do that? It also sucks because even tho 22 is a young age literally everybody seems to pressure me because 22 everybody is now finishing college and blah blah the countdown of life is ticking they make it seem.. But I have so much to see and do exactly like her, overseas they're raised SO differently, to travel and work and live life. It just sucks I couldn't really say much when she left because it was respectable but it's like I'm being left behind... I'd hate to be still stuck in my little area I've lived in Florida my whole life and know that she's traveling, backpacking and living some amazing adventurous life. So what do you think about all this?

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