guys i need help to get my veg back to green

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  1. please help me my ph its 5.8 to 6.2 coco 3 gallon pots ... i use cal mag and my temp 80 and HUM 45....
    any idea will help to get them back to fully green and healthy.


  2. What kind of coco is that?
    First impression is that your girls are suffocating, which is not common at all in coco. If it is one the 'its coco but its better than coco' media like Royal gold Tupur, it could actually just be straight up overwatering. Coco alone is nearly impossible to overwater (nearly, but not impossible). Something like Tupur has peat mixed in and retains a lot more water than straight coco, and can totally be overwatered.
    Looks like nice work on the plumbing and whip lines.
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  3. thx lot what the right PH on coco ? how can i get them back too all greens ?
  4. Coco pH generally runs 5.7 to about 6.2.
    You might want to check out, lots of great coco growing info.
  5. so just dont water them after 4 to 5 days flush them or just feed them nut ?
  6. What is your feeding schedule?
    Plants that size in coco should be fed at least once a day to substantial run off.
    Never let the coco dry.
    Never use plain water.
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  7. every 3 or 4 days
  8. You're treating your coco like's drain to waste hydroponics.
    Start feeding daily to run off........your plants are starving and there is probably some salt build up.
    I would flush with a mild nute solution to eliminate possible salt build up, then start feeding daily to run off.
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  9. Looks like a zinc deficiency to me. If you're feeding every 3-4 days that is likely your problem. Follow Mick's advice, he knows his shit when it comes to coco.

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