Guys I Just Watched The 3D Star Trek Movie High, It Was Mind Blowing

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Sc0pe, May 23, 2013.

  1. I had some weed and smoked it in a friends car 5 minutes before the movie time, i called him halfway through smoking and he told me to hurry up
    so i go to the theater and he asks me for his keys which i left in the car unlocked(probably the stupidest thing ive done high)

    anyway once we got in the cinema i eagerly waited through the previews which took forever and finally when the movie started i was blown away by the first scene, its like a trippy pink jungle and from then on every other scene in the movie seemed shock and impress me

    i fully recommend you guys go see it when youre high, i dont know if the 3d makes much difference but it was completely insane

  2. Sounds awesome man! My first time getting high I saw Avatar in 3D, so I can feel where you're coming from.. will have to try this out :smoke:
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    I live litterally across the street from a movie theater. I vaped my ass off and saw Star Trek (2d) last Saturday afternoon. It was awesome!
  4. yea saw it high in 3d and loved it
    but felt the 3d was not really used to full effect, there were maybe 2 or 3 properly 3d 'sh scenes, with stuff flying out at you, the rest were all  sorta meh 3D... and it gave me bit of a headache half way.. i dunno why 3d moveis does that to me ... .save the cash and watch it in 2D imo
  5. I also saw it high.  I was high as fuck actually.  Thought it was great, but agree the 3d was not used to full effect.  It didn't add too much.  I could have saw it regular and it would have been equally impressive.  
    The opening scene was awesome.  Kirk...why u no respect the prime directive!?
  6. I cant really remember how the 3d was used i just remember being so high that i felt like i was in the movie, i think the 3d helped with that
    im totally gonna get high the next time i watch it again because i dont remember all of the storyline hahah

    i can probably repeat this a few times haha
  7. Probably going to watch it tomorrow with some family, thinking fuck the 3D though.  If we keep paying for this shit they will eventually make all movies cost 10$ to see.
    Believe me, going to blaze some bubba berry and blue dream I got beforehand.
  8. yeah do it. 2-D or 3-D, you'll feel like you're on the ship as it's going through space it's wild
  9. I don't think 3D personally adds anything to any movie.  This one was no exception.  But my friend wouldn't go unless we saw it in 3D because he loves it.  However I barely remember anything about the movie at this point because I was high as fuck.
    That's one of the most beautiful things about weed.  Everytime you do something while high it's like doing it for the first time as a 4 year old.  Meaning everything feels novel as fuck.  
  10. Hey Guys,
    Dr. Bishop, thanks for the like! :)  Pumped to go see star trek now, thanks guys!
  11. 3d def does make a difference.  Every 3d movie I've seen has blown my mind
  12. Surprised at the 3d talk in here, I thought this was one of the few movies that the 3d was used to full effect in every single scene it was amazing I couldn't look away.  3D is not all about what flies at, that is mostly gimmicky stuff, it is about the depth you get behind the screen, basically you are watching a cube of a screen with layers to the depth, sucks for those who can't see.  The opening scene is the best 3D since Avatar, the embers flying around Spock in the volcano was unbelievable it was like they were flying right in front of my face.

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