Guys: Have you had any girlfriends that were "projects"?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by F. Fontaine, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. This should be interesting. :smoke:
  2. WTF do you mean by 'project'?
  3. I got a dime im trying to mold to be a great wife, not sure iff ill be succesful or not though
  4. yeah, girl had manic depression.
    i loved her, but i guess i loved myself more.
    had to get out of there before both of us got hurt.
  5. I got a hoe to blow me literally 30 minutes after I had a bad break-up..

    and I never looked back :cool:

  6. I have in the past, but trying to change a girl completely is just going to end in ruin.

    My girlfriend now is great the way she is, I'm sure we've each changed a little for each other, but nothing major.

    But in the past I had a girl that had crazy depression problems. Loved her and thought I could help her, help her change/deal with it. But it never worked out, and eventually just had to walk away.

    Also, when I was younger I had a few girlfriends who were inexperienced and wanted to be made to do kinky things/get wilder. So I guess you I can say I molded them too. ;)
  7. You know, girls that inherently had some big problems whether it be insecurity, depression, cutting, or maybe a combination of all three (yikes). As some others have said, these girls are hard to work with and things end up going south because they are unwilling to help and love themselves. I was with this one girl my freshman year of college who thought I was her savior. She had attempted suicide already early in the semester and when I broke up with her she tried it again.

    I'm happy to say she failed.

  8. lol

    yeah this happens to me

    or girls break up with me

    next day shes over fucking me like crazy

    actually with most of the girls


    wtf i guess they just like drama? makese m horny
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    I agree with the above post, I never understood the want for drama, its the exact opposite of what I want. Plus most of the time its about things that really dont matter.

    Edit: to the op, I had one gf that when I met her she was struggling in school, a bit over weight, and extremely self conscience. After a few years together, she dropped the weight, got her grades up, and was full of pride. She promptly dumped my ass.
  10. I've had girlfriends that I've tried to turn into freaks but thats about it. If they were someone I had to fix I wouldn't be dating them in the first place.
  11. can't turn a ho into a house wife .
  12. Everygirl I go out with is a project. I have to break their naievity. I teach them to be street, to be lowkey.

    The hardest part honestly is teaching them to watch what they say over the phone or in texts, that in-person is the only way to speak about serious matters.

    I really love calling them or texting them the random 'I love you, I'll be home soon', I never tell them it's because at that moment I'm not sure if I'll ever see them again...
  13. To the above post: lol sorry im laughing but I picture u as james bond, maybe u wont make it back from ur next mission?

    Like if u were to tell them u might have to kill them lol
  14. Lol this cute nerdy girl a few years back. She was so prude but in like 2 weeks I had her fucking and sendin nudes (y)
  15. hahahaahaha it's like an old chevy. fix her up and she will be the talk of the town.

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