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Guys: Everytime you ejaculate you lose the following nutrients

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Free The BIRDS, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. #1 Free The BIRDS, Feb 11, 2010
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    Every time you ejaculate, you lose the following nutrients: Vitamins B6, B12, and E; Calcium; Magnesium; Selenium; and Zinc. As you replenish your bodys stocks of these nutrients, you’ll also notice an increase in the volume of your semen.

    just read. NEVER heard of this EVERRR lol.
    geez. hope i wasnt the only one unaware of this:confused::confused:

    ill just make sure to cum, before taking my daily vitamin

    read post number 4 below. this some scary shit. anyone building muscle, stop jerking to preserve testosterone. from what ive read that shit is important for repairing.
    holy crap man. this poor mood and tired thing. fuck. FUCK. i used to jerk a couple times a day, and not even eat afterwords to replenish. bad moods suck, ill blame some on this lol. baldness . fuck. i see some hair going back. FUCK.

    stop fapping!!!
  2. Never knew about that.
  3. It explains so much.
  4. ya i know. damn fucking crazy

    and what is the fucking worst thing ever, for anyone trying to build muscle.. is that testosterone is lost. YES. the fucking thing that people take steroids for. o geez

    random post from a person here
    If you ejaculate too many times in a week is that bad? - Men's Health - MedHelp

    When men ejaculate they do lose nutrients and [COLOR=#006cc8 !important][COLOR=#006cc8 !important]hormones[/COLOR][/COLOR].Most of the nutrients lost are trace amounts but zinc (around 5 mg), selenium and copper are lost in significant amounts. Upon ejaculation, testosterone, serotonin, acetycholine and dopamine are also lowered, prolactin is raised. High levels of prolactin are associated with poor mood, tiredness, and many different health issues. Prolactin also stimulates the production of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase which converts [COLOR=#006cc8 !important][COLOR=#006cc8 !important]testosterone[/COLOR][/COLOR] into DHT, DHT is the hormone that causes male pattern [COLOR=#006cc8 !important][COLOR=#006cc8 !important]baldness[/COLOR][/COLOR]...

    DHT is produced when a man has an erection or is sexually stimulated but, as far as I know, the DHT produced is bound to the penile tissues. The wisest thing to do is to make love frequently while limiting actual ejaculation to once a week.

    o fuck. im gonna cut down on jerking off. maybe once or twice a week now. i need my testosterone god dmannit
  5. Sooooo... Does that mean that when a girl swallows, she's ingesting alleged nutrients..?
  6. Yup. No wonder you're so healthy, Sleet.

    :laughing:I'm just playing.
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    Aw fuck are you for real?

    Okay, I'm going on a dry spell.

    I am trying to bulk up and if this is actually true, then fuck...

    Man, if I save up for like 2 weeks, I get scared to blow my load... is that weird? Like, it's frighteningly orgasmic.

    EDIT: Are you fucking serious? Okay, I'm not jerking off anymore.

    Fuck you God, you are a twisted, soulless inventor with no mercy. Can't I be muscular and jerk it at the same time? WHyyyyyy

  8. LMAO.

    i guess you a right. unless its all damaged... which i highly doubt it is.

    means the swallower is also getting testosterone. the shit that makes you manly.
    maybe one that swallows alot can start developing man traits? beards and chest hair and crap. scary thoughts lol

    damn. well im glad i read this now instead of when im older. 19 is still young.:D
  9. WELL it was a legitimate question :eek:

    Oh God. Does that mean you get testosterone too? Like, a ridiculous amount?

    Am I going to grow facial hair and a dick??? :(
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    dude. the load after 2 weeks will be a monster. i dont even know if i can go that long.
    fuck man, the boner comes and its so much easier to get it over with, then letting it come back again and again.
    uggggggh man.

    doing that monster load would prob be best in the shower.

    lets not post this on facebook or anything. i want the rest of the world to continuing ejaculating, while i save my man power. spreading it to my stoner but thats it.

    gl every cutting the faps. post here i guess for updates LOL

    hahaha very funny

    you know when you take multivitamins, they come in a plastic capsule thing. thats to get by the acids and into the intestines for it to be absorbed fully.
    well, i dont know how well those exact nutrients are digested, or if they can get past the stomach acids.
    i dont knwo if testosterone can get past stomach acids, or how its taken.

    i think you're ok with not getting anything popping out on you, unless you be like swallowwing everyday, lol.
  11. It has become official.

    I will not masturbate for a while.

    Fuck man, I fell in the shower the other day because my knees got all wobbly... that was a day's worth of build-up... wtf...

    I'm scared.
  12. Why not just eat a decent diet and take a vitamin if you need it? You'd have to masturbate a LOT to become deficient in nutrients from it. If you're masturbating that MUCH, take a break. Let that chaffing heal up. ;)
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    holy crap haha ya right.

    try running warm water and litting the tub fill up and just laying down after.

    maybe you got like a crazy amount of nutients + testosterone. in which case you should have maddddd muscle gains??
    maybe since you resupply, faster it seems, that you should wait a safe amount of time instead of exploding like that girl in scary movie 2( ithink)

    id rather make sure my "tank is full" at all times. that i have full levels of testosterone, unless i aint repairing tissue.
    if i aint repairing from a workout, im getting ready to workout or break day.

    when i do bust a load, ill do it on off day of training, and before a nice meal.

  14. Well, I've gone 2 weeks before, and wow, man... I was visibly shaken at the dinner table, tardy as always.
  15. If this were true then most men would be fucked. But also heard when you actually hve sex with a girl and cum these nutrients come back to your system. But who knows if its true
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    Swallowing a load actually lowers your chances of Breast Cancer. It cures a soar throat and also gives you those vitamins so honestly it's a healthy snack.
  17. Nice. Maybe I'll replace all of my meals with semen.
  18. + Rep.
  19. I went 41 days without any ejaculation in tenth grade (contest).

    I just like to brag about that.

  20. Ahahaha howd that go?

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