Guys, ever tied your girls hands?

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  1. I was foolin around with my girlfriend and tied her hands up to my bed and started taking her pants off, as a joke, and stopped and untied her, later asked if she would enjoy it for real and said she would, so im doin it later, what about you guys?
  2. Yeah usually when i tickle her to obtain information that i seek. I guess you can call it torture.
  3. I'm more of a fan of holding her wrists together behind her back with one hand while I go to town doggy-style. I like it rough... Grrr. :devious:

    Edit- So, in answer to your question... no :D
  4. if you dont yous guys should...just sayin.
  5. tie her down
    tease her
    make her beg
    then fuck like rabbits

    sounds successful to me...
  6. Tied her hands? Nah, that's way too much work.

    I got the fuzzy handcuffs :hello:
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  8. i hold her hands down over her head when im on top. aw yeah
  9. I'd be happy I my guy offered to tie me up. that'd be fun *grin*
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    It's super fun lol. mine tied my hands behind my back and slapped my ass really hard while fucking me... It was..amazing lol. Guys... Just do it lol. My guy turned me into a freak and I used to hate sex lol
  11. I would love to, but I have no head board on my bed :(
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    They make under the bed restraints :)
  13. once upon a time....
  14. I wish I could find a fella willing to force my arms behind my back, a gag in my mouth, and my legs apart. Mmmmmm bondage.... :yummy:
  15. I have those. the wrist and ankle restraints from spencers. they work great!;)
  16. Oh yes. I love me some bdsm. Tell us how it goes.
  17. Rope use is always fun.. Throw a grip around her throat for a hot second if she likes being tied up, she'll love it. Don't choke her out, just a lil pressure and if she wants more, give it to her..
  18. I guess I'm one of the older guys on this site. I've been married a while and sex gets better and better.

    Tie her up a lot of girls like it rough. I would sometime just hold their hands behind their head.
  19. This thread makes me sympathize with feminists.

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