Guys: Ever Gettin Married?

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  1. The institution of marriage is crumbling in this country, it seems the only reason people get married anymore is because of children or money. So I'm asking the guys in here:

    Are you ever going to get married? With "common law," theres really no logical reason, IMO.

  2. Might get married but idk. I'm 20 and there is no way in hell I would get married within the next 5 years. I know a bunch of people that are 18,19,20 that are getting married. I don't understand why people that young would get married? What is the point?
  3. i don't get why this is only directed towards men, so i'm going to go ahead and answer anyway...

    i want to. something super small and simple, because i think a wedding is a huge waste of money.
    i suppose it's not necessary... but, i don't know.
    i just like the idea of it... and i see no reason not to if it's someone i really do intend to spend the rest of my life with. :confused_2:
  4. I'm pretty much at the point in my life, where I'm ready to settle down and start a family. Now if I could only find a woman that I can tolerate for the rest of my days....

  5. this is the hard part. I'm 20, and I've been dating this girl for 15 months or so, on and off, and the whole experience has just turned me off to having a life long partner(at least for now), because I have no love for her anymore, she's just a friend. I just miss the freedom of single life, and not having to tell someone where I am all the time(and do all my dishes right away) I'm freakin 20 yrs old, I'm not ready to settle down with a girl.....But I still have to tell her:(

  6. I got married for neither of those reasons. I really do not want kids, and I don't really give 2 shits about money.

    I got married because the man I'm with is who I'm going to spend my life with. Marriage doesn't change that obviously, I would have spent my life with him either way, but it's one hell of an excuse for a party. ;):p

    Plus there are those benefits that come along with marriage, like being able to see your spouse at the hospital or filing a joint tax return. ;)

    But really, ya know, sometimes people can't make it to parties... but people take time off for a fuckin' wedding.

    Best party of my life. :smoking::cool:
  7. If you're ready to play the game again, then break it off. Make sure it's what you really want though...

    There's nothing left for me in the single life. I've fulfilled all of my conquests, and then some.
  8. Im 27...I always keep ONE girl and stay faithful.....but I dont see any point in getting married.....

    we want pre nups!
  9. you didnt take the poll did you....its for guys I think
  10. You make a LOT of a ASSumptions that really don't correlate at all.

    First off, some of us ARE ALREADY MARRIED!

    Secondly, there are a lot of incentives to being married, tax credits, easier to get credit/loans and also apartment leases and what not. You can also get health insurance through your spouse if you don't have any through your work, or you don't work.

    Plus it's so nice to be out of the dating scene and not have to worry about that kind of shit.

  11. no...
  12. thank you sweetie bear!
  13. fuck yes i'm going to get married

    i think it's going to be awesome
  14. Nah, love ain't for me. Found that out a long time ago.
  15. In the near future once I finish business school. It took me a while, but I finally found someone that I can consider spending the rest of my life with.
  16. i like both halves of my shit and i aims to keep it all lol
  17. why is there no maybe option? I got out of a 4 year relationship about this time last year and I'm in another happy relationship now but because I was so close to marrying the girl in the last relationship I'm a little hesitant now to put down commitments. I'm not willing to say hell no never. but I'm also not ready to say that yes I will.
  18. Im from Amsterdam, live in Sweden.
    Got an amazing girlfriend, we have lived together for half a year, weve had a relationship from like day 1 and weve been "dating"lulz for about 9 months I'd say.
    Yes were fast, and if this continues Ill be married before Im like 21.

    BUT im not of the 'usual marrige'
    We would marry our own way, with whatever We want that marrige is and contains.
    No I PROMISE IN THE COURT OF LAW YADDIYA, thats a bunch of bull.
    More in the sence of writing our own "promises" and wishes and emotions, and read it to eachother, give eachother something, it may be a ring, maybe something else, but something visible that we will keep with ourselves untill we would ever (knock on wood) break up.

    I am 18 shes 19 and u can tell me thats hormones, but I can look beyond that and I love my life with her.
    So as Mark Twain.. and I said; Why not?


    ps; and maybe this is not official marrige you are talking about, but its as for real as it gets for me.
  19. I don't know. Here's an excerpt from an article written by a pickup artist:

    "I must be a bitter loser, right? In fact, I enjoy more success with women than most of the men in this city. I have slept with over 200 women in my life. I am sleeping with 5 different women right now. They are all normal, healthy, well-adjusted, good-looking (8+ on the looks scale) professional women. (At least as normal and healthy and well-adjusted as women can be - most women have issues.)

    But that's not all. I can go out any night of the week and pick up a woman. I can pick her up in front of all her friends (with 80% efficiency for each approach.) Women will slip me their phone number when their boyfriend is in the bathroom. I can talk to women on the street or in the grocery store and within 30 minutes, I can usually have sex with them right there in my car or get them back to my place. If I have to settle for a phone number, and I meet her on another day, assuming she doesn't flake, I WILL fuck her that next day.

    Let me point out right now that my Modus Operandi doesn't change in the slightest if she single or if she has a boyfriend or husband. I just do my normal routine and I fuck her. Sometimes she brings up the boyfriend so she won't feel guilty when I fuck her because now it's "my fault." Sometimes she hides it from me until after I've fucked her, then she admits it.

    I can't tell you how many times I've been laying next to some chick, all sweaty cause I just finished busting a nut all over her face or in her mouth or on her back, and suddenly her phone rings and she's on the phone with her man, giving him some bullshit story. This is with NO GUILT WHATSOEVER!!! The sweetest most innocent girls you ever laid eyes on, will cheat at the drop of a HAT. The one thing that most men value most - loyalty - is just not there with women. Women don't think in terms of honor, women don't say "word is bond;" women are basically emotionally driven. If they feel it, they do it, period. Then they rationalize it to themselves later. Nothing is more meaningful, or compelling, to a woman than (1) the way she feels and (2) learning more about her own inner self and having emotional realizations. That's why women love astrology, chick flicks, soap operas, stupid Cosmo quizes that supposedly reveal info about yourself, etc."

    I don't mean to be sexist, but there's nothing in this article that I haven't found to be true, and that's why I'd be so hesitant about getting married. I'd never be the chump that goes on thinking life is great while someone's cheating on me, and I'd never let some cheating whore take half of everything I own. If she tried to pull some shit like that, she'd probably have a Terry Shiavo-like accident of some sad :rolleyes:
  20. I dont have much of a problem with picking up girls if I have to, but I DO wonder, how that "pick up artist" pulls that shit off.. ?

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