Guys dont fuck me right..

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  1. Why hasn't any guy I've been with made me cum? Is it just that there sex game isn't that good? Because it feels really good especially when he goes deep.. But there's something missing. Either he doesn't fuck me hard enough, or he's not freaky enough for me. Maybe because I haven't been with what you would consider a lot of guys. I love to suck dick and get so turned on when I like the guy. There's only been a couple of guys who really know how to finger me right to the point where I'm just begging for there dick. I really like guys that are dominate.
    What should I do, try to make myself cum?
    Or hopefully wait until I meet the right guy who knows exactly what to do.
  2. Are they just not hitting the right spot? Not good in bed or maybe you're not relaxed enough?
  3. Apparently only something like 20-30% of women can orgasm from penetration alone.

    Figure out what gets you off and talk to your partner about it, communicate and work together so that you can both achieve orgasmy goodness. :p
  4. Talk to them about it then
  5. We need to get together. I got what you want
  6. [​IMG]

    Find your clit. The end.
  7. There's actually a horrifyingly high percentage of women who can't orgasm just from penetration... good to be a man.
  8. my fuck buddy loves it when i choke her and i have magical fingers so thats always get them going pretty easy;)
  9. Hit me up if you get in Florida.
  10. Its because you watch too much porn jk... Rub your clit while getting fucked
  11. Sounds like you have too much spaghetti in your vagina.
  12. You are just as responsible for your orgasms as he is. If you know your body, you can help position him to help you cum. Once you are really good at it, you'll be able to cum with even the most clueless partner.

  13. Sketti and Buutter
  14. Fancy an orgasm? Cuz I knock them out, like, for free.

  15. find a real man
  16. Someone start a counter for the guys that hit on her.
  17. maybe you should ask him to punch you in the face while he fucks you. than poop you should on his chest when he finishes and make him use it to finger paint a picture of his hamster from his childhood.

    that should make you cum big time
  18. [quote name='"budluver"']Sounds like you have too much spaghetti in your vagina.[/quote]

    Hahahaha right!? OP can you make yourself cum? If not there lies your problem...
  19. ^If its gonna get into the weird shit than she should invest in some electro play stuff, like clit shockers and electric butt blugs.
  20. ^^^^ double enders one that half for both holes and some nipple clamps would be a good start ;-)

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