GUYS, best bag and tag?

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    So I was 17. Just sitting on a lounge chair at the public pool when I catch this life guard checking me out from the gazibo. Conveniently struck up a conversation when she went to go get food, turns out she is 23.
    Asked for her number, and that night I had her in the back of the jeep going HAM.

    Haha I know some blades have had some good luck in the past, share here!
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    Edit: I can't read :D

  3. I'm 20 my dude, just saying this happened when I was 17.
  4. shit, i wanna say i was like..16 maybe?


    this drunk chicked raped me.
    thats how it happened.

  5. Hahaha it wasn't consensual?

  6. i mean, idk. it all happened so fast.

    one second im walking through a forest, in the middle of the night, next thing i know, a drunk chick pops out and trys to rape me.

    it was a bit odd, fast forward a lot of years though. were stil together, ever since tht day. hahahahaha
  7. Wow man what a stroke of luck! hahaha just imagine if it was some drunk dude lookin to rape somebody! :bolt:

    But your still with her? That's whats up haha.
  8. yea man we have a kid now n shit hahaha

    crazy isnt it?
    if that had been a dude though...idk
    this story would have turned into something else far from sex.

  9. Was your kid the product of the woods scene?

  10. oh hell no.

    this is years later man haha

    we actually didnt date after that either. but we came 'best friends' with awesome benfits. then it escalated from there.

    i dont regret it honestly.

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