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    Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! This literally just happened 5 minutes ago!!! So guys I decide to take a good hike at this conservation forest and I was having s great day and veered way off the trail and just sat in the middle of the forest and decided to smoke a good bowl and as it was hitting me and vibing to the music (on an unmentionable as well) and I noticed that I had been hearing this crunching sound for a good 2 or 3 minutes behind me but payed no mind to it, finally I decided to look behind me and there staring at me in the face was a HUGE SNAKE STARING AT ME RIGHT IN THE FACE!!! It was at least 4 feet long!!!!! I live in orlando Florida btw. BUT HOLY SHIT GUYS THAT LITERALLY JUST HAPPENED!!!!! It had its head up and everything just looking at me! Thank god it didn't bite and thank god I grabbed everything in one shot could you imagine if I left my keys?!!!! Holy shit!!!!!
  2. This is definitely one of the story books!!! Lol
  3. You should taken a pic.
    Im not to fond of snakes either.
  4. That wasn't a snake, dude.....It was a Govt ground drone.

    They've been using them for some time to observe people doing illegal things in public places, i.e.: smoking weed, fucking, child molesting, littering, and so on....better watch out!
  5. I almost stepped on a snake in my back yard just last week.
  6. Fuck guys your right I should've taken a pic, but I just didn't even know how to comprehend the moment.
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    what kind of snake was it? i also live in the orlando area. i usually only see diamondbacks and water moccasins.

    and wouldn't want to be bit by either.

  8. Probably a python that got too big for someone to take care of so they released it. Happens a lot in florida and results in tons of giant snakes eating deer and shit.
  9. I'm not sure, for some reason Python came to my mind. It was really big and thick tho
  10. man that is some scary shit imagine if you wouldn't have looked back or had headphones on. anyway when i was just a youngin i went fresh water fishing with my dad and walked over to pick up a rock and when i turn around there's this alligator crawling towards me. but it wasn't too close
  11. "Go to the woods they said, it's better in the woods they said." D:
  12. a python would be the least of your worries. i could have seen freaking out if it was a diamondback rattlesnake, cottonmouth, or a copperhead. in those cases moving away slowly would be your best bet.

    i can't count how many times i have saved someone from stepping on a diamondback.

    btw what trail were you at?

  13. HA! That's what she said.
  14. I was reaallly feeling the bud right then and there so I was just in a trance. And what's crazy is I had had my headphones in the entire forest hike and it was only for about 3 minutes while I was sitting down that I had my headphones off because I wanted to experience nature in that moment yada yada. I just had this gut feeling to finally turn around and bam two feet away its staring at me. My heart just stopped for a second and I ran so dam fast out of there lol. Tbh it's creepy thinking about that slow crunching sound that I now realize was a huge snake slowly trying to get me. But that just have been scary with the gator!!
  15. It's very close to UCF, right by Lake Pickett.
  16. Unless your a Mayan I don't think a 4ft snake would try to eat you, he might strangle you but and lay next to your corpse for a bit trying to stretch himself out but he'll move on eventually.
  17. I had no idea how to process what had just happened (as you can imagine hah) so I just ran out as fast as I could. If I had been sober I would've ran a small distance then taken a vid or something just to show what almost just happened. But dude it was a real thick snake, I just finally did a Google search of a python and holy shit I'm almost positive this was it!! It was really big. Fuck I can still hear the leaves crunching of it sliding towards me perfectly. So do you think it was trying to slowly sneak up on me as to not alert me? Attack me? What do you think? Like I said I'm almost positive this was the type of snake.

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  18. I'm sure a cottonmouth wouldn't attack you if you gave him a drink or something.

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