Guy Thinks Hes Dying From Dabs. Burlingame Hemp Expo (Video)

Discussion in 'General' started by daflyincow, May 20, 2013.

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  2. that was funny as shit  :lol:
  3. Yee hella funny!
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    oh my god I bet he had no tolerance at all! I couldn't imagine what was going through his mind, just like a bad trip.. horrible! I feel sorry for that guy..
    That would be such a buzz kill for everyone walking by etc..
  5. yeah i feel it, but you cant really feel that bad for him.  he did choose the size of the dab.. should have known it was gonna put him on his ass haha.
  6. hmm...I have never just passed out cold from a hit.....
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    i wish thc still had those effects on me
  8. My circle of friends would have walked away and lets the cops arrest me lol.
  9. That doesn't look like just dabbing to me....
    I hope this video doesn't get into hands that will twist it around against legalization. 
  10. looks like he was on someting besides herb...
  11. I don't feel bad for the guy because he should have known his limit.  I feel back for the paramedics that are having to calm him down.  When the one in the sunglasses turns around, he was probably like "Somebody hand me the biggest rock you can find."
  12. Yeah I bet he was on some type of hallucinogen.. makes sense, even someone who has never smoked before shouldn't have that type of reaction. 
  13. Reminds me of the time I got my friend high for the 1st time. Instead of flowers, we smoked BHO and it wrecked his mind for a good 5 days. Man, I would've killed for a video camera.
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  15. holy shit that dab gauntlet was insane.
    i'm not impressed by stuff like that usually, but that was crazy!
    i don't understand how he was still functioning so well.
    i mean i mighta been able to do half of that IF someone else was dabbing it for me. i'm pretty sure after a straight minute of dabs i wouldn't be coordinated enough to do it myself. lol. that dude fuckin did it for 5 minutes straight! not a single cough either. that dab at 2:50 was gnarly
  16. Shits horrible. This poor guy haha. 
  17. what is a dab? sorry im not up on the lingo over here in the sunshine state
  18. Taking a hit of wax/hash/shatter off of a heated quartz/glass/ti nail
  19. I just tried buddah myself a couple days ago, i was very very lucky to even get a hoot of the shit to be honest, i guess its just a pain in the ass to make and not cheap but yeah, i can see how this dude would be doing that ha!
  20. I have always wanted to try a dab... damn dude that gauntlet was fucking EPIC! I would be dead after one of those damn things.

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