Guy stole my blunts

Discussion in 'General' started by POWskier, Feb 8, 2014.

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    I was in the park at Breckenridge ski resort in colorado and this guy comes up to me and asks, "Are those blunts tucked under your head band?" "Why yes they are." "How many is that." "It was 14 now I have 12 and I'm about to smoke another and run some laps"

    this guy then asks to see my bag and just takes off with my blunts. I chased the guy down and my friend that was down the hill heard me yell, "HE'S GOT THE BLUNTS!" My friend comes out from the side and hits the guy off of the run and the blunts go flying. I grab the baggie go over to the guy then tell him not to steal peoples shit.

    I put the bag of blunts behind my head band and the guy grabbed them again so I socked him in the face. The ski patrol saw it and I explained to them that this guy stole my blunts and they let me go. The guy who stole the bud was drunk for sure.

    Why do people do that shit. That stuff is what 14 year old fucks do.
  2. *virtual high five* way to be THE LUH !
  3. I loled at "HES GOT THE BLUNTS!"
  4. What a douche canoe , glad to hear you got them back
  5. Me to, his friend new what was up too.

    Damn blunt thieves.

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  6. haha they are out there for sure. I have seen a couple people get jacked.
  7. WTF who thinks they can get away with snatchin shit right in front of you.  Gotta be piss drunk for that shit
    What motivated you to have 12 blunts in a headband?! I'm so fucking clumsy by the time I got to the bottom of the slope they would have been lost. (your title made me lol)
  9. a skier at Breckinridge with 12 blunts in his headband I'd prolly punch u just for fun. Also who just hands 12 blunts over to a random dude on the mountain. Lucky your buddy was there. If u can't spot the fish at the table your probably it

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    I got an ounce for $38from my friend had owed me 20 bucks and I only paid more $18. So why not roll up 14 blunts and ride park all day?

    Its so fun to go out to the mountains, blaze grams and lap the park all day. I get so focused on my skiing.
  11. am i the only one who thinks like this is absolute bullshit?? if its not why the fuck you got blunts in your head band man seriously
  12. Haha yeah this...
    Like won't they bend/snap?
    And why do you have 12 fucking blunts on you? :confused:
  13. This you roping the dude OP?
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    Its something I have been doing lately. I go a couple weeks with out smoking then kill an ounce with in a few days.
  15. first of all, that's a lot of blunts. 
    you should give me one. or ten. 

    secondly, at least you saved the lil guys. 
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