guy slashed my friends moms tires.....

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  1. and now my friend wants me to get with him and fuck this kid up.

    im not down for violence and am pretty jacked, so getting fucked up isnt what im worried about. i just dont know what i should do......i mean what the kid did was fucked up, he also slashed my friends tires (as well as his moms). thats some fucked up shit.

    honestly, what do u guys think i should do?
  2. That's pretty fucked up. I'd be pissed off. Maybe you should slash his tires? Or you could just

    kick his ass and slash his tires :cool:
  3. find him knock him out and then slash the tires on one of his parents vehicles and leave a note saying that your returning the favour for what theyre son did to your parents car
  4. just slash his tires.... and after that be on 24/hour lookout around your friends house when he gets close... come out with ski masks and beat the shit outta him
  5. this is the exact advice im not looking for....
  6. Call the cops.
  7. make him pay for the new tires. Not everything needs to resort to violence. He said he didnt want to fight him. Just confront his ass and make him pay for the tires. If he refuses, then there might be need for drastic actions. Tell us how it goes. :wave:
  8. im not down with callin the cops either, not really my style.

    no, he said he does want to fight him and he is trying to bring me in it. IM the one who doesnt want to fight.
  9. Non-Violent Approach: You can tell your friend to report him to the police because they will fuck him over and you can get him again later. Either that or threaten him with authorities unless he pays for new tires + some extra for the trouble.

    Violent Approach: You and your friend let the air out of the tires, put nails in it, and take the nails out. Eventually the tire will blow and maybe while they are driving (caution: might kill them...). Either that or just slash his tires and break every one of his cars windows and on one brick leave a note telling him to fuck off.
  10. Tell your friend he doesn't need you to hold his hand.
  11. Cops really is your best option bro, that will do the most damage and get the biggest reward.
  12. well either way someone will be paying for new tires. since none of them are yours, i would stay out of it unless you have a reason to get envolved.
  13. yea thats what i thought initally...i mean i have nothing to do with this.

    anyway my friend calmed down so he might change his mind. if he wants to go one on one wit the dude then fine. i'll be there and only jump in if someone else does.
  14. Slash the mava fakas Balls off!
  15. Go over there with your friend and make this guy slash his own tires with his limp dick. Seriously though, why did the tires get slashed initially? I mean you don't just go around slashing random tires?
  16. When he is away from his car, attach a few bags of Mercury fulminate to the bottom of his car. Ideally, you want to wet the bags with water before hand, to speed up the explosive process. Then pour a bit of gasoline under his car. The next thing you want to do is buy a 50 calibur barret sniper rifle. Now, go find a spot a few hundred yards away that is level to the ground. Next, make sure you have a disposable cellphone with you. Call him and play the role of an undercover officer and make up the a story that would provoke him to evacuate his house as soon as possible. Keep him on the line until you are sure that he is outside. Then take dead aim at the bags of explosives on the bottom of his car (if you can't shoot them, then before the scenario, put them on the side of the car opposite of what he would see when he leaves his home and find a different, easier spot), and fire. There should be a huge explosion, and if the car is close enough to his house, there is a possibility of parts of the residence catching on fire. Then, pick up your rifle in your left hand and walk away in slow motion away from the scene of the crime.

    Or call the cops.
  17. Are you down for anything?dont be such a pussy man
  18. I would stay out of it dude. If you go fuck this dude up or his cars he just may call the cops on you. Do the crime do the time; justified or not.
  19. Rag+Quart bottle + Naptha + Guys car= problem solved.
  20. honestly?

    do nothing - it's not your problem

    tell your friend to call the police and report it - why the fuck are you getting involved committing criminal acts for your friend

    if he wants to get revenge and doesnt want to report it then let him - i'm sure he's prefectly capable of slashing some tyres by himself!

    not that I would ever do that

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