Guy hacked into girlfriends phone

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  1. This dude hacked into my girlfriends phone and stole a bunch of pictures of her, I know the guy and he is a big vagina I could knock him out with one swing. My dilema: Is what he did ground for ass kicking? Or should i just scare the shit outta him :confused:
  2. Report to the police and watch him get fucked?
  3. This. Especially if she is underage :D
  4. this is the best course of action....:)
  5. Uh yeah, might not be if the 3rd party involved here happens to be in some rather incriminating pictures...

    I'd review the pics if one of you is over 18 and the other one isn't...Just sayin'. Don't end up fucking yourself while you're trying to fuck the fucker who fucked your girl over.

    You fucking get what I'm fucking saying here? :D
  6. True,but she can do it herself..without getting third party involved.
  7. Hhm very true very true... and yeah shes 16 im 18 haha so id probly get in trouble. I think the ass kicking will have to suffice for now if it persists then I will just have to show him where the wild goose goes
  8. and how old is the don't wanna get fucked over for battery on a minor...or assault...they both are violent crimes.I would know i can't fucking find a job 'cause of my criminal past :(

    Also,16 is to young for a 18 year old.Don't ya think?
  9. im not condoning violence, but if the law wont be able to take care of it or if you feel as if you may be seen as a criminal, that when you need to take things into your own hands.

    i would suggest you handle it yourself. cops arent gonna do anything over a phone.
  10. they will for child pornography.
  11. Is it really necessary to keep revealing photos of yourself ON your phone?

    It's like "hey I'm gonna take a picture of my cock to send to someone...but wait...I can't delete it afterwards cuz I might forget what my cock looks like, or lose the ability to take another photo of it."

    It's just something that ain't a good idea. People lose phones all the time...and then voila, your shit is all over the Internet, and distributed to everyone at your school
  12. what i mean is that even if you dont say anything about what pictures were on the phone they still will just take a report, they arent gonna arrest the guy or anything worth bothering for.

    but yeah they wont like it if its minors being naked. but it was on her phone and the pictures were of her, then they probably wouldnt see that as too much of a crime cuz she would have been doing those pics herself.
  13. We need to see the pictures that the guy stole before you lick his vagina...I mean kick.
  14. 2 years is too much? :rolleyes:

    If the kid is >16, scare the shit out of him.

    If he is < or = to 18, beat the ever living dog shit out of him for invading your girls privacy.

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