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Gush (Afgoo x Kush)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Blaze all day, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    Picked up an 1/8th for $42. Definitely a creeper, after taking a big hit you don't feel much but 5 minutes later you notice you feel heavy and your mouth is all dry. Great pain meds.:bongin:
  2. Daamn man,looks nice.Nice price too.
  3. Wow.. I was gettin the Goo for a while, that bud must be some fire.
  4. lol 42? Nice bud fosho.
  5. I chuckled when I saw $42.

    But niiicceee. +rep
  6. potent lookin kush, thats the brainfreeze squeez
  7. damnn I was suppose to pick up an 8th of that this week my friend's brother couldn't get a hold of his dealer I think he was out on a date? lol but hopefully this week he'll be good for.
    that looks sweet <3
  8. Lookin mighty dank my friend, enjoy:smoking:
  9. god that looks tasty.
    lemme take a hit of that!
  10. Picked some of this stuff up yesterday. Rolled a joint and it blew my mind. I was high for the rest of the day. Took a nap and woke up still stoned as fuck. Amazing shit.
  11. thats so dank dude, nice pickup, I just got back from SF and I got an eighth of Purple Kush of a guy for 50, It was some of the dankest I have smoked, love the Cali bud, and the prices.
  12. beautiful dro
  13. delicious man, what's the smell/taste like?
  14. Very sweet and skunky, the Afgoo seems to dominate in this cross. The second you put your nose to the jar you're greeted by that familiar tangy sweetness.
    Slept like a baby last night.:bongin:
  15. Damn that looks nice as fuck
  16. looks like some real good meds, enjoy it:smoking:

    i PM'd you, sorry if i sent 2, i wasn't sure if the first one sent
  17. those are super dank +rep

  18. That's what's up!

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