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    Thought I'd let everyone in on another modest crop!

    They were germed on July 4th and have vegged outside, but have gotten far to big to keep the yard! So...theyve been moved indoors and "should" do just fine. There are two more that I've managed to keep stealth enough for the soon to come:wave:

    Good to be back again!

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  2. looking great man!
  3. Thanks...never tried this strain so I should be in for a treat.:D
  4. Heres the other two ladies outside. Blend in pretty well with the other weeds and flower bushes;)

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  5. Haha, you really let those little geckos run around on them? I bet they love it.

    Wicked nice plants.:smoking:
  6. They serve as natural pest control! Them along with all the ladybugs that I will introduce to the plants in about a month, act as my insecticide. Ive done it for years, especially with my peppers when it comes to overwintering them inside(aphids=evil). Just a lil tip for all the growers out there with bug problems;)
  7. Guru...

    YOUR DA MAN!! I learn something new every day = )

  8. Something odd I'm noticing this season is that all my girls took quite some time to show, but now that they have started pre-flowering, things are happening VERY fast. My pre flower stage took less than a week and now the buds are getting dense really fast. Strange. Gotta love that:cool:
  9. Hey Guru, thanks for stopping by my Bub thread. Yours are looking very happy and healthy. This is also my first time with Bubblelicious, only 1 plant, having tried BubbleGum before I wanted to give it a grow... I am on day 10 of flowering, and you are absolutely right about how fast it starts taking shape. I have seen about 5-6" of stretch already in those 10 days, which is 50% of their pre-flower height. I noticed that yours appear to have a nice long stretch to them. Did they get all-day sunlight outside, was there some shade? I notice that all of the Bubblelicious pictures I have seen are the same phenotype. Is there only one for this strain? I've heard that the Bubble gum taste/smell only shows up 25-30% of the time, is that correct?

    Nice grow, keep up the good work.

  10. Dopey, from my research I have gathered that Nirvana's Bubblicious can produce various phenos and I beleive that they cross most everything with one of three proven clones...Skunk, Whitewidow, or Haze. Its rumored that they cross with Purple as well...

    The Serious Bubblegum has been said to be more stable. Worth a shot:D

    UPDATE: I have moved the two largest ladies BACK outside and they are doing fine. The light just wasn't making me or the girls happy at all. Will post some good flowering shots soon enough. Stick in there GC;)
  11. thats good man)))
    im waiting for your yeld and smoke report
    i got some bubbleicious seeds in reach
    i tryed to germinate one or 2 and thay didnt sprout

    might give it another shot later
  12. thats some good ass camo you got there.
  13. I'm really dumb:(. Do you mean that your plants were only 3" tall at preflower. 50 percent of 6"=3". I'm sure this isnt what you meant. This is my first year growing & I wondered why they stretch. Is that so the buds get more light. One last question. Do the roots keep growing as the flowers come in? Thanks---

  14. It's not 50% of 6", it's the 6" that was 50% of preflower height, which means it was 12" at preflower. Should have posted this in my thread, too.

    GURU - Sorry to hear that the indoors wasn't as nice as outside, but it never is my friend... it never is... All of us indoor growers are trying to do one thing, replicate nature to the best of our abilities. But all in all, nature tends to do this best... :D haha Hope the real sun does better than the fake one. Peace and happy growing.

  15. looking nice man. Im growing that strain right now outdoors for the first time. Cant wait to see how it turns out
  16. Well, honestly the ONLY reason they went inside was because I have had a lot of company lately and didn't wanna "go there". I knew moving them inside wasn't going to suffice for my connoisseur tastes. They are back in the almighty wilderness now though:D
  17. Here's some night shots. When I get a battery for my DSC-H3, I'll post some worthy photographs. These were taken with a shitty Kodak Easy Share.

    I know the flower shot is blurred all to hell...but this still serves as a reference for what stage Bubblicious should be in at this time (Southern US). A bit stretchy for Indica dominant if you ask me but perhaps it has something to do with the week they were inside:rolleyes: I'd like to hope not. Will be starting Tiger Bloom tomorrow (never used the stuff, figured I'd give the overpriced ferts a shot) Usually make my own.

    Anyhow good night GC

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  18. those are gonna be some nice plants.
  19. OK. I finally have some quality pictures for everyone to enjoy...I was going to shoot myself if I had to use that P.O.S. Kodak one more time.:eek:

    Buds looking just "ok", for me, so far on this strain. Don't see any trich formation yet. But boy do they smell GOOD!:p
    Big fat leaves on this pheno too, except for around the bud sites, they seem very sativia to me:confused:

    Can you see my basil? Yes, but can you see my BASIL? Lil thanksgiving presents for friends:D

    Grow on GC!

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  20. Almost forgot: Started with the molasses and Tiger Bloom today, so time shall tell all.
    Like I said, almost never use store-bought liquid ferts for outdoors anymore, but I've heard nothing but good things and there's a new Hydro Shop close by now.:wave:

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