gurillia garden 2008 fail (pics)

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  1. Hey Gc .
    I got this grand idea of growing weed on government property. I found this spot and
    it seemed to get a fair amount of sunlight each day and remote enough to conceal the secret from bypassers.
    It had some vegetation who could conceal the weed plants from casual bypassers.
    That vegetation rapidly outgrow the weed and stole pretty much all the sunlight witch resulted in the plants didnt get more that a feet or two in hight as you can see on the pictures.
    I went out there today to my big suprise that vegetation that concealed the grow had been stomped down and cigerette buds was pressent .So my grow is discovered but the weedplants is still there though :rolleyes:

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  2. Not for long, unfortunately. If they have any buds at all on them you better get them before they do.
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    Dig them up asap, (best in evening or night when plant's activity at lowest, during day plant will suffer more from stress), try keeping the most roots possible (wrap the most dirt and roots in some tinfoil for example), then put them in pots that you keep in the shade (a little sun though) for a few days until they're healed (transplanting will weaken them), water a lot, then you can put them in a new location in the ground (water again!)! You won't have much to smoke if you cut them now! And they'll be stolen very soon if you leave them there.
  4. Personally I would NOT go back there...

    To me it wouldn't be worth the risk...
  5. dea wouldnt leave clues

  6. Sure I agree but who knows what those visitors are capeable of...

    My line of thought was since the plants were well hidden someone must have seen FlikFlak going there and they may just turn him in, who knows...
  7. Just be carefull,if its a govermant (park). That could mean Ranger Rick. And they have lots of time to do nothing but watch for you. But you would think if it is law inforcment they would have yanked em? If my stuff got found,I would prolly not go back...
  8. Yeah . The ppl who found them are either trying to harvest the plants themself or they are keeping an eye out for ppl wandering there to try and make a bust .
    As far as digging em up and transplant them i think its too big a risk and i cant come up with a better spot atm .
    Further more there are hardly any buds so ill just return in a month or so to check and if its lost , its no big deal
    Better luck next season :cool:
  9. Dont go back dude... Imo....
    Cut ur losses and move on
    someone knows ...
    Thats too many ppl
    good luck
  10. rule number 1 NEVER go back to an outdoor plot once its been found!
  11. In case you do return (which again I wouldn't if I was you) have a reason to be there other than your plants:
    Take a fishing pole with you if there's a pond, walk your dog if you have one etc. and don't know a thing if you get questioned!

    Good luck!

  12. ever.

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