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  1. It mentions in the rules that talking about guns isn't allowed, but it mentions it in the same line as trafficking and theft. Is that a blanket ban on all discussion of guns, or does it just refer to the use of guns for unsavoury purposes?
  2. Within reason, say if you posted in the great outdoors section you went hunting with a *insert name here* gun then that would be fine.

    But stuff like oh yeh i have a glock and whatever is not allowed here, also i believe it says discussion of the usage of guns is not aloud here, that could mean you just cant talk about using them, but i would just avoid the talk of guns all together.
  3. No, we cannot discuss firearms. If I'm not mistaken, they are discussing to see if they will allow discussing of guns for HUNTING. But besides that, nope. No pictures of them or anything :wave:
  4. As far as I understand it... keeping in mind that I'm not always right (only 99% of the time)... I think skunky is correct.

    Seems that for the time being we can allow limited discussion of guns in the hunting forum, in reference to hunting.

    Of course, that will only continue if people keep it within reason. So don't post pictures of your guns, don't turn the hunting discussion into a gun discussion, etc.

    We can make allowances so that hunters don't have to censor themselves and be like "yeah I killed this buck today with a ******" :p
    But if people start abusing or taking advantage of that privilege (which has already happened at least once) then we will have to get more strict about it and revisit whether we can even allow it for hunting or not.

    So be good out there, folks! ;)

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