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  1. Hi everyone!! Hope you're having an awesome stoney night.

    I am new to using a bubbler and well a lot of stuff got into the bottom where the water is and I broke the stem off a glass screen thing and it fell into there...I don't have the alcohol to clean it so I was wondering if vinegar and salt would clean it / if there would be any kind of bad thing happening if I did it that way.

    I just need a way to break up the resin that's in there lols.
  2. I'm not too sure about vinegar,but I have used hydrogen peroxide in a pinch. I haven't used it to clean a bubbler as I don't own one; However, I have used it on my bong in a pinch and it worked pretty good. I hope you find a way to clean your piece so that you can have an awesome stoney night!
  3. Thanks for responding! I don't have that either x.x

    I just have water and vinegar blah haha.
  4. Aw dude that blows :c I know you can boil it in water but that stinks to high heaven,so it's usually not a common method. After some quick research,I've found that you can use vinegar and baking soda if you have that,but I think salt will work just as well. Give a good rinse though,otherwise your bud might taste like a bag of salt and vinegar chips haha.
  5. Lmao. That might not be too bad.

    Thanks so much for the info
    I will try the vinegar and salt. I may have that other stuff you mentioned lol.
  6. Run hot tap water through it for a few mins then use vinegar and salt, don't add water to dilute the vinegar. Also your showerhead might have some useful pressure settings ;)
  7. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
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