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Gun Laws!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Token Runner, Oct 4, 2017.


Was owning rifles, snipers, etc meant in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

  1. Yes

    36 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. based on what exactly? What actions has trump taken that would suggest he is putins boy?
  2. well said!!
  3. and I'm not pro russia by any means. I just think the outrage is completely manufactured and based on lies and pushed by a desperate media.
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  4. He got elected president.

    Trump's soft rhetoric on Putin pre- and post- election coupled what with we now know about the extent of Russia's efforts to interfere with the election - which Trump agrees with - as well as his recent defense of Putin. If Trump is honest when he says he believes that Russia interfered with our election than he must necessarily think that Putin directed it, or at least knew about it. He is essentially the Russian state. And with members of the Trump team having established back-channel connections with Russian officials it really raises some eyebrows at the very least, that perhaps there is a relationship that is more than casual. I'm not saying Trump needs to have at tough rhetoric on Putin but come on at least try to hide it.

    I'm not one of these russia conspirators, i just call it like i see it. he still won the election fair and square, and i perfectly accept that. i'm simply not one of these people who believes that putin cares so much about helping us defeat isis when we've taken steps to cripple their economy and lessen putin's influence.
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  5. he got elected? Thats your answer? Thats how you "prove" he's putins boy? Wow. Thats interesting to say the least.
    If trump is honest? Whats that supposed to mean? I don't know that there is any doubt that the russians played around with spreading fake news and the like, which is nothing new by the way, and certainly not new to the 2016 presidential race. As far as collusion, well, we are all watching that investigation literally boomerang around and smack the dems in the face. That was the definition of #fakenews.
    As far as his "rhetoric" with putin, we don't know what is said behind closed doors when they meet? For all we know trump read him the riot act and bitch slapped him. You think russia would release a pic of trump bitch slapping putin? No, they would probably edit it and make it look like putin was kissing his hand or something. Point is, you don't know what he has said to the man in private. You only know what the media allows you to know. Haven't you figured that out yet? The MSM wants nothing more than to shape a narrative against this president. REgardless of its merits. You saw it on full display with the fish feeding story attempt.
    during a time with a special prosecutor "investigating trumps collusion" selectively leaking positive sounding bites for the left, while in actuality going after the clinton cartel and their cronies with the MSM being silent, doesn't that show you exactly what is going on?
    I don't agree with everything the man does or says, regardless of how many people try to label me as a "blind supporter". However, the totally blind and misinformed hatred for the man is completely misplaced here, no doubt about it.
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  6. yeah, i'm honestly just guessing. i'm being open about that. i can only make deductions based on the evidence and what makes sense to me.

    if trump was pro-putin and hillary was anti-putin, which was the case -
    then putin had an interest in a trump victory
    if russia meddled in the election, it was probably to help trump
    if trump knew about his team's efforts to coordinate with russian officials, and he became elected
    that is something putin could use as leverage over trump during negotiations and the like.

    this makes the most sense to me at this point in time. and i readily admit these are big IFs i'm talking about here. but the i don't watch the news at all and haven't for a long time. trump himself has confirmed what the intelligence community has said about russia. that in itself is very suspect, and there are way too many other coincidences that can no longer be ignored.

    it's a lot bigger than media narratives and the left/right paradigm. who cares about that shit? that's for entertainment value. it would be a national security issue for russia to have such leverage over the US president.

    i don't know what the narratives are and i don't care which party says what. people want legitimate change and they are tired of waiting. you can't just elect an "outsider" president with a complete "insider" congress. people need to come out and vote third party in the mid terms. maybe trump would be the president we all want him to be.
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  7. How did this go from a gun rights thread to yet another fucking Russia/Trump thread.
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  8. *sigh* hillary anti-putin. thats a riot.

    anyways, back to the topic at hand. Second amendment. "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"
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  9. Just found some solid proof of Russian takeover

    What now Russia denier?
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  10. not gonna lie I was leery of clicking on that video, but I"m glad I did haha.
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  11. Like I said, solid proof
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  12. Cut it out with the Russia shit...
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  13. You watch the video?
  14. Ain't got the gigs ma nigs
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  15. Back on topic...
  16. It was comedic. Relax a bit man.

    We laugh at the expense of the crazies
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  17. jman brought up trump in response to my post about gun rights... every time i see his posts it goes back to how awesome trump is. im sorry to have contributed to it.
  18. Federal Penal Code article 18 chapter 2385 effectively renders the Second Amendment null and void to everything except completely spontaneously resisting martial law and full on Military oppression(unplanned defense if they march on us) which they know full well will fail they're already planning it with all these FEMA camps and shit and we are required by law to proceed unplanned or coordinated
  19. Didn't mean to be harsh or insulting or anything...

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