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Gun Laws!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Token Runner, Oct 4, 2017.


Was owning rifles, snipers, etc meant in the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms?

  1. Yes

    36 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
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    Fantastic then what is your ideas for a solution? Do I think something may have made a difference? Maybe it would of, I understand all the weapons he had were legal and he seems to be a law abiding man until he snapped... but we will never know will we?

    Its all well and good throwing around "well Millionares don't have to follow rules if they don't want to"- even if like the rest of society they tend to. But you need to give us an idea of what may work. Unless you think mass shootings are OK.
  2. There isn't one person here who would argue that mass shootings are OK. Nice try at a fallacy though. No, mass shootings are clearly not OK but neither is gun control. No one needs to supply even an idea for a solution to also be justified in sticking up for their rights.
    I hate the idea of child porn but I don't need to come up with a solution to it in order to support adult porn.
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  4. Thats why these anti gun arguments pop up after shootings in my opinion.. people want to use the sensitivity of the situation as their entire argument and try to make you out to be the bad guy for not buying into it... I personally don't see how the two relate... If that old man was that messed up in the head he would of either just built a homemade bomb or drove a damn dump truck through the crowd.. I dont want to live in a safe little bubble because of the few crazies... Im not living my life as a sheep because others don't feel safe otherwise.

    Again that's all my opinion and I stated it without getting mad or crazy or use derogatory remarks.
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    Double post
  6. I'm sorry but sticking your head in the sand when you have a problem is not helpful at all.

    If I was a legal gun owner id be a little mad at all the people able to do it illegally, Id be a wanting to find and try something to at least slow down the amount of deaths and not one of you has an idea.

    Its strange but its a running trend in American Politics. From Min wage to refugees to Vet pensions to healthcare.
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  7. Ive already stated that the Liberals are conservative here. I'm not Liberal. They also introduced Federal gun laws.
    Liberal Party of Australia
    Political Party
    The Liberal Party of Australia is a major political party in Australia. Founded in 1945 to replace the United Australia Party, the broadly centre-right Liberal Party is one of the two major parties in Australian politics, along with the Australian Labor Party.
  8. has a
    Has anyone been "anti gun" on the thread so far? I certainly havent
  9. Well, to alot of us, being anti "assault weapon" or automatic rifle is anti gun. A gun is a gun.
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  10. Don't forget the shoulder thing that goes up and the free floating barrel that is not even attached to the rest of the rifle....I literally laughed till tears rolled when I heard some news noob describing a free-float hand guard.
  11. I gave my idea. Less than half of perps in NYC arrested for illegal possession of a gun does any time at all. Here it is again
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  12. It's about sensible things we can do to help reduce some of the gun related homicides, and not only the ones that occur because of mass shootings.

    Nobody suggested to outlaw trucks in France, rather they started to install massive barriers to make driving more difficult in the heavily pedestrian areas.

    Make it more difficult to buy a gun. Requirements to pass written and practical tests should be established. (You can't drive a car without passing a test). 50% of dimwit wanna be John Wicks would be stopped right there.
    Make ammunition more expensive and harder to access. No you don't need a basement full of ammo.
    Limit the amount of guns one can own.

    And I still haven't heard any legitimate reason why one would need to own multiple AR's.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. One breaks, one runs 5.56 the other .223 , one catches fire or gets shot.

    You ever fixed a firing pin?

    You can't, and no one is gonna sit and strip an AR in a firefight to swap the pin which are regulated.
  15. I don't think people need 20 AR 15s, I also don't think people need over 20 million dollars.

    Guess what, that's their right.
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  16. May as well regulate everything
    you can only own one couch
    you can only own two lamps
    you can only own one bed but if you're a couple it can be a full size but if you're single it can only be a single
    children must sleep on the floor
    dog beds Are illegal
    Only own one refrigerator
    you can only buy one six pack of beer every second day per identification Toasters are Illegal
    masturbation is illegal
    Skateboards produced before 1996 are illegal
    beach cruiser bicycles Are illegal
    you can only own one dog and one cat
    you may not bake cinnamon rolls in a neighborhood where someone is allergic to cinnamon
    Wine is illegal on Mondays
    the homeless have to have a free breakfast or be executed
  17. If you fail to see the absolute b.s. in your response, how are we expected to talk about "sensible" gun laws.
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  18. All I know is I do sleep very well at night.
    Enough said.
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  19. Thankfully it doesn't matter what you think, but what future legislature will establish.
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    A few years ago I bought a new DPMS .308 and I ran a clip through it and it fired fine, so I let it cool off and popped another clip in it and it wouldn't fire. So I went home and broke it down and found that the firing pin was caked with a wax type anti corrosion substance from the factory and it was hanging up the firing pin . So I always break a new rifle down and clean and lube everything before firing . I just thought I would share that with you. nitro
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