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Discussion in 'General' started by Xieon, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. So today I got some coke from a very good friend, who seems to have the best connections.

    I bought a $40 and it was very nice 0.56 grams. The only thing was the coke was in a ball, and to cut it up it was almost like bubble gum.

    I attached some pictures, has anyone else ever seen coke like this? My two buddies did lines half the size of the normal lines of coke they do and said they were geeking out, and I put some nummies on my gums to check it out and its bomb. I'll sniff some tomorrow, I need to sleep tonight.

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  2. 40 dollars for a .56?? wow thats a bit pricey, but i dunno, good coke usually kinda sticks together, so i'm gu essin its just good
  3. 40 dollars will usually buy you a whole gram in Htown.
  4. Yea my town is pretty expensive.

    Bud - 10/gram for mersh 15/gram for killas. And so on from there, 240 a zip of killas so I'd say bud is pretty decent.

    Heroin - $40 for .3 $60 for .5 and $120 for 1.0
    Coke - $40 for .6 and I don't really know the rest any ore, haven't touched the stuff in a while.
  5. Ya thats the thing about summer is the rock always goes soft. Its the humidity that makes it damp and shit. When i did it, i just put it in the freezer and then when I needed it, id bust one out and the drip was incredible. The freezer keeps it hard. That was way to long ago~ peace :rolleyes:
  6. The price I use to get it was, $30 a half, $60 a gino and a half ballz was like $90 for a 1.8 all solid, I've had stuff sorta like that and it was pervian flake, had a sweet drip that made it worth the drive.
  7. We call that "Play-dough" up here. Cuts up like shit. Pain in the ass. I won't even buy it if it's that way, even if there is no other coke connect out there. Gummy coke sucks. No offense to you. .56 for 40$? I think your friend is the middle man and he was gettin a gram for 40$ and did about half of it...
  8. smoken; he ain't in the bay dude. Shits cheap out here, depending on who you know a gram goes for $20-$60.

    I've had that shit before, around new years. What I do is put a dollar bill on top of my coke and rub an id card on the top of it to break it all up - doesn't work that great with that stuff.

    Either way man enjoy it in moderation, dont be a coke head.
  9. you know the prices for heroin?

    i def. hope you haven't touched that shit ...
  10. heroin is pretty cheap... not much per hit.

    as for coke... through my friend I can get coke from some rich italians for $60 and its bomb, otherwise its $50 for some normal stuff, but I always pay the extra $10 for the better stuff because I only do coke every now and then as a treat.

  11. i didn't mean it like that, i meant i hope the OP hasn't used heroin, it's one of the most dangerous drugs out there ...

    stay safe.
  12. where i used to live i could get about 2 grams for $40, but price ranges differently from where you live. by what you mean from it being hard to cut up and break apart, the humidity and weather makes it like that. one time i took a few grams into the bathroom at my house and cut up a line, took a nice hot shower, and once i got out i was gunna cut out another line but it was sooo sticky and i couldn't get it to break apart for shit. last time i'll ever do thatt

    ahh i remember when i'd buy a ball for $90 and end up getting 5-6 grams = D sooo good, when i would buy my yay it would be a big full rock, oversized golf ball LoL
  13. if it's gummy then it's been stepped on hella much. your friends where geekin' prolly 'cause there was tweek in it. and if you can find another guy who has it, then get it from him. 40 for .56 is a rip off. i can get 1.0 for 50 at least.
  14. herion feels like the aftermath of if u were to just busted 5 million nuts

    so relaxing
  15. Yea, I live on the east coast and shits pretty expensive. I'm right up near Boston, damn I wish I was getting some of the prices you guys talk about, I'd be saving a ton.

    The coke was really a one time thing though, I don't like getting it but it kinda just fell into my lap sort to speak.

    I'll try putting it in the freezer then chop it up, thanks for the replies.
  16. chop it up as best you can, then stick it under a lamp (really close, an inch away). after a few minutes, chop it up a bit more, repeat. third time, it should be total powder. enjoy :)

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