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  1. I've been self teaching myself for a few months on a seagull acoustic and am in the market for an electric. I'm thinking between

    ESP LTD EX-1000 Deluxe
    Gibson Les Paul Studio
    Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom EX

    I'm looking for something that won't be too difficult for a beginner but something that isn't just limited to beginners as well and something that will last me a long while. I'm seeking unbiased advice and reasons for your choice. I am open to other ideas, but these are 3 I've narrowed down from different recommendations.

    Thanks :smoke:
  2. ESP ex 1000. I personally play the ltd dj600. SUPER thin neck. Very light. Perfectly spaced frets. Got me to where I am. It will yeach you and improve you crazy amounts. I've opened for bands such as. As I lay dying. A day to remember. Chelsea grin. And it's still teaching me
  3. Thanks for the response. I was just also recommended the esp but with seymour duncans instead of the emgs. Mainly because the emg's are limited to a particular sound where the duncans have a wider range. Do you agree?
  4. what kind of music do you want to play? i won't lie i'm biased as shit when it comes to guitars lol

    GET A STRAT!!!

    while i like all guitars i find strats are easiest for early on for getting good tone. i find it much easier to get different tones without pedals and such with a start than a les paul.

    although i would also recommend a 335.


    what music do you want to play? i mean it's all just personal preference.

    also i find maple fretboards produce a cleaner sound. most people don't find a difference and i could be just making my self believe theres a difference but i like maple fretboards better.

    but what music do you want to play? (i'm high but i think i already asked this lol)
  5. I want to play a wide range of genre rather than one in particular. I mean it would be nice to play some floyd and floyd solos, then play some metal riffs and solos. So classic rock, rock, metal.
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    Strats are freaking OVERRATED. Everyone and there mom has a strat.

    I'm gonna go with the ESP too.
    Mine is pretty similar to the last one.
  7. Buy a flying V \m/

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  8. I'm not a fan of the strat. I don't like the feel of it in my hands which I think is important. I'm going to go with the ESP I think. When I progress and get good, I'll get to have all sorts of guitars :D

    thanks btw

    Not a fan of the V either lol.
  9. I have an American Strat, a Les Paul and an old SG and out of all of these my favorite is the Les Paul for the Sustain and the grit in the Tone. It's definitely a guitar that's got balls and it just feels great in my hands; the action is clean and it almost plays itself on a run.

    My Strat started out as a great guitar; it had awesome tone and the action was flawless. But over the last six years that I've owned it the pickups have totally deteriorated and the tuning machines have become permanently loosed even though I've had it restored on three different occasions. Not to mention the horrible hum I get through most amps.

    My SG is a decent guitar but I rarely take it to gigs because I find the tone to be somewhat washed out and for some reason there's no sustain on bends.
  10. I have a 1977 Mexican Strat and love it sooooo much. I fell in love with it at first touch. But saying that, I don't feel it is very versatile. I play a lot of classic rock and bluesy style stuff and love the strat. But when I am playing in a band setting we usually play 90's to present rock and more importantly metal. My fender is lacking in this department. Not enough balls.

    I play an Ibanez when Im with the guys. That's because I didn't get an ESP. I like my Ibanez but the fret board on the ESP was wayyy better for my hands.

    BUT, my favorite all-time guitar is the Les Paul. My neighbor had one when I was younger and he let me play it. Not much experience, but i loved its feel and it seemed to be VERY versatile.

    Ultimately, I'd say you should go to a music shop and play them all through an amp set-up as close to what you have at home. Decide which one feels best to you.
  11. Wanted to update. I ordered the esp ltd ec-1000fm with the duncans and a Fender Hot Rod DeVille 410 III. I am pretty siked. Did I do good?
  12. It does really depend on what you want to play. if you want to be versatile and have no limit in your playing, I would vote ibanez. Now I will not say they are best electronic wise. But the RG series ibanez's are well if you want to become a faster player for metal. Very thin neck and is very durable. However, when it comes to blues it may not be your best choice. The JS series (Joe Satriani) are probably my favorite. There just seems to be no limit to what you can accomplish musically. Now when it comes to your tone. Please spend that extra couple of bux on good hardware. DiMarzio is the way to go. But whatever you do. Go to a store and try it out. You gotta feel a connection to the guitar, sounds weird i know, but it's true. I see a lot of people going with ESP but for me its like mac. Overrated and i hate them. But i may be biased. I have played several never liking one. I have ran the same Dimarzio PAF Pro's in my Jackson and the ESP playing through a Spyder 3 Amp and my Jackson had a very great tone, while the esp was very noisy and fattened up making it hard to hear notes.

    Just for the record I have played enough to know guitars. If you want dependable, versatile guitar I would go Ibanez. The greats use them why shouldn't you?
  13. [​IMG]

    this is my bad bitch right here.
    get one.

    ESP LTD H-1001
  14. Get a sweet Ibanez, they're great guitars.

  15. your first post and its a first for me as I've never heard anyone complain about an esp and call it a mac. I mean I'd consider gibson to be the mac of guitars but I've always heard great things about esp. Any how, I ordered the ltd deluxe with the seymour duncans jb/59.
  16. So the company I ordered the guitar from said it would ship today and I called to see if it did because I never got a shipping confirmation and the guy said it won't ship until December 14th because they are out...There was a guy from the company that emailed me before (the guy who told me it would ship today) so after I got off the phone I emailed him and told him the ship date and if there was anything they could do. The guy I spoke with on the phone called me back saying that was the president of the company and he told him to give me a good deal on something. So I got a ebony les paul coming with chrome hardware instead of the esp. He knocked 150 bucks off.
  17. Awesome!!! I'm super jelous!
  18. What the shit?! How high was I. I do know how to spell jealous. I just forgot.
  19. the only one i have played is a les paul studio and i loved it also ESP is a great company that sells great insruments i would try them all out search around music stores and see if they have them on desplay and give them a try

    those are all pretty pricey for only playing for a few monthes although if you think its something you want to pursue then go for it. i still have my squire from around 5 years ago and its priceless to me here she is:[​IMG]

    idk how to make the pic smaller sorry:(
  20. Yeah, I know these guitars are more for intermediate to advanced players but I wanted something that wouldn't limit me to beginners and something of great quality and a wide variety of tones and great sustains. I'm pretty excited. My first set up is a les paul studio and a fender hot rod deluxe III 212.

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