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  1. I was thinking about picking up guitar.
    Can anyone give me some advice on it? Whats easier to teach yourself, regular guitar or bass? Id feel much more accomplished self taught than going to guitar lessons, even if i dont sound as good and it takes longer.

    And, and reccomendations on what kind to get? Keep in mind this will be my first guitar, so im not looking for anything wicked fancy/expensive.
  2. Don't choose by which is easier to teach yourself, choose by which you want to play more. I would assume bass is easier to teach yourself because bass doesn't do chords (for the most part), and it has less strings. And you really should take lessons, trust me man - a good teacher will make you infinetely better, and wiser about the instrument. A bad teacher on the other hand, could fuck up your entire experience and turn you off to the instrument...

    Anyways, about which guitar to get, I recommend a small package deal. Many of the lesser guitar brands offer an amp, chord, guitar, and a few little extras for around $200. I own a Jay Turser 6 string guitar, and it plays well (at least compared to other guitars in that price range). Good luck...
  3. I dont want to take lessons mostly because i only wanna play as a hobby type thing. Not for a band or anything, just for me to go into my room and play when im bored/stoned/ or just wanna play.

    Lessons cost money, and take time. Plus i have ADD pretty bad so i dont wanna have to sit there for a amount of time and get bored. I like to be able to stop doing stuff when i want, or else i get pissed off at it.

  4. Lol, sounds kinda funny when you put it that way :p. <-- go there often.
  5. all the more reason to take lessons. i have the same problem as you. i find that its good to have lessons regularly to force me to sit down and learn stuff otherwise id never get shit done because id get frustrated and that would be the end of it. deciding to take up an instrument is a crucial first step, but if you don't take lessons, you'll be kicking yourself later.
  6. Your best bet is to take lessons for a while. I've been playing for 6 years now and trust me, even though lessons suck at the beginning, your gonna have much bigger headaches doing it on your own. Pus with an instructor, you get the technique taught to you right the first time, so you dont have to relearn anything.

    If your worried about not being able to pay attention during lessons, have your instructor teach you music that you like, you can stay focused better that way.

    Get a fender squire or a used epiphone, good guitars for cheap prices. The amp doesnt really matter since your not interested in playing in a band...
  7. Practice. No matter if you get lessons or not, practice. Like at least an hour a day, AT LEAST

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