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  1. Where's the best place to get them?

    I know there's ultimate guitar tab and 911tabs but places like those are a hit and miss. Alot of times the tabs aren't even correct and I have to figure out the rest of the riff/chorus/solo by ear. Which becomes very annoying and time consuming. :mad:

    Which is why I ask; Is there even a website that stores ONLY verified tabs? or atleast a place where most of the tablatures are correct?
  2. :confused: 911 tabs is pretty good, especially because it gives you the rating of each tab. Ultimate guitar is alright too, just look at the rating. There's also guitaretab but i dont really use that a lot
  3. RIAAs got their shit all up in the guitar tab websites. Ultimate-Guitar and 911tabs are the only ones operating in the current 'legal gray zone'. Everything else is considered 'copyright infringement' - fucking pricks.

    But that's okay, you become a much better musician learning things by ear.

    Just saying. ;)
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    Heeeeey! That's pretty cool. Sorta has a guitar-pro tablature program embedded in there. Neato! I'll keep it in my bookmarks.
  5. Cool website, ocean! :smoking:

    Oh btw, if you can get Guitar Pro - they have some awesome tabs for that program available on UG and 911. It even let's you slow things down, loop parts, and isolate tracks if you're having trouble learning anything.
  6. Instead of having to buy guitar pro you can download a free program called tux guitar that will open guitar pro files. I have found that the guitar pro tabs have a much better chance of being correct. And 991 tabs sucks... it usually just links you to other sites, mostly UG haha.
  7. np nugglord and budwisesir and everyone else that likes that site. It has a lot of everything and its really accurate except for some.

    You can also just download guitar pro for free....on any torrent websites.

    It would be interesting to see people posting up there favorite guitar licks and sharing there own licks video or tab form.
  8. I think that there will be but i don't know exactly.I f i found then i will inform you very soon .

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