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  1. Does anyone here play guitar? If you do post some pics of your equipment. Also if you have a site with some sound bytes post that too. Lemme try and figure out this damn picture thing. Ive been here for a year and have only done it once. Also if you play bass or drums feel free to post. Have a nice day :)
  2. (Raises Hand) I play guitar!!
    I don't have any pictures to post, but its a Jay Turser, basically a Fender wannabe. For $200 with an amp and cable and case, not bad.

    Been playin for 2-3 years.
    Major influences: Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Phish, Led Zeppelin

    I'm REALLY EXCITED, me and my "band" (bassist/drummer/nother guitarist that I jam with once a week-once a month) are gunna get some recording time over the summer, and I just finished writing a song completely, and its gunna be fuckin awesome:D
  3. Nice man if you get up some demos you should post them. Id give some feedback.
    Right now Im having trouble with my band. Our vocalist cant sing and we hate to be around him. I showed him the world of drugs and ever since then hes been a major fag like bragging and shit stuff a two year old would do. So we finally found a drummer wich is good. Only thing left is bassist and vocals then we can start playing. Me and the other guitarist have already started on songs waiting for everything to fall in place. Wish Me LUCK \m/ ( >< ) \m/

    My influences are Mainly Opeth with some Hendrix and maybe a little melodic metal like In Flames and Dark Tranguility. If your into heavy shit definatley check out Opeth. If you like soft stuff check out Opeth. They mix it up great. They also have a soft album they did because they felt like it. Its called Damnation you should check it out.

    Good Luck with your band. Just remember to not stop having fun.:)

  4. Holy shit! Dude I think we're in the same band! DIE BY DAY RIGHT?!

    Seriously though...

    yeah I can't post pictures but here's the site.

    We're a fairly young band (*ahem*...), I've been playing for about a year and a half now, I am the guitarist and I wrote most of the stuff on that site (I only wrote about half of Black Crow).
  5. i play guitar
    well kinda
    i try
    its really pretty
    and its a black Honer
    its sooo cute!
  6. I play drums, but I dont have a drumset cuz the one I learned on was my brother's friend's who kept it at my house, but he moved away and took all his shit with him. So I am now savin up some cash for a drumset of my own. I am a fast drummer, Im mostly influnced by stuff like Slayer(Dave Lombardo is my favourite drummer), Old Metallica, old Sepultura, S.O.D, as well as some punk, hardcore and rock stuff like Raised Fist, Misfits, Nirvana, Sabbath, ACDC, basically a whole bunch of shit that I listen to. I hope to start up a band once I get a drumset.
  7. My beloved SR 3000 prestige bass by Ibanez.
    Beautiful woodwork on the neck and head, 3 sorts of wood:
    bubbinga, wenge and mahogany for the body.
    Active electronics, monorail bridge...etc.
    Very nice to play and feels absolutely great.

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  8. i play the bass!!!!, got a gsr205 5 string ibanez, a rogue amp(i know rogue.. i was short on money when i needed to get a bigger amp) a tone works bass multi effects pedel. been playin for about 3 years now. got a jam band that i play in that is a blast. i also got a guitar(b.c. rich mockingbird) but im not really that good at it.
  9. My experiences with B.C. Rich arent to good. I know to people with Warlocks that really suck. I do agree though they are visually apealing.

  10. My brother has the white version and has placed different electronics in the guitar.
  11. ok here is my darlin'.

    Larrivee L-10 1992 brazilian rosewood.

    all the inlay was designed for me. i just did the 12 fret inlay about 2 years ago.

    she is straight and true and hums like a bird.

    and there is no guitar that will look like mine.

    it has a martin active bridge and endpeg hook in. i also have a martin hole mic for when i would play out (i always liked both being plugged in on stage).

    here is Larrivee 's site

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  12. nice shot of the head.
    my capo and tuner.

    that is pretty much all i need to keep my musician self happy now.

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  13. Beautiful guitar Froggy. I applaud people who can play without inlays because for me without them I have no idea where Im at. I guess after a while you just know. Im beginning to get that now.
    I always wonder how good I will be in like 5 years. Froggy how long have you been playing?
  14. i started playing in 1982.

    i used to play pro but that was alot of work for not alot of money. but the chicks were free.
    i quit playing on stages other than the campfire kind in about 94. i went on to bigger and better things, sold (gave) all my stuff other than my larrivee and am very happy doing what i do. i have the pictures and the deaf ears to prove it.

    ive opened for some pretty big names, well at least they were back then. alas, i gave it mostly up for plants.
  15. here's my shit, i've played for 7 years and still goin


    my baby:

  16. heres my girl. I play some meen heavy ass metal on this baby, you should check me out

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  17. hey guys. ive been playing guitar for.....hmm pretty long. the guitar i have at my house are a gibson black les paul, and red autographed sg, an old ass takamine acoustic, a custom nylon sting classical guitar, a warlock, a traveler guitar, and very soon i will be gettin a custum ernie ball musicman....yea play through marshall amps with a couple effects......octave, wah, super chorus, and super overdrive.....
  18. Ok, this is my newest guitar. It's a '68. Mine's not so damaged on the back though.
    This is my strat. Only mmine's rosewood. I find that way easier to play.

    I got a Cort 5-string bass. And don't get me started on effect pedals. I'm an addict. Think I'm gonna make a post of it one day.
  19. Here's a pic of my favoured axe, a Dimebag signature Culprit. Actually, it used to be signed by the man himself, but some sweaty fool smudged it beyond recognition with his arm whilst playing it. Still an awesome guitar! plays well, nice tone, sexy as fuck. I don't go easy on her though, hence some wear and tear, but it doesn't bother me. Guitars are made to be played!

    Btw, this one's called Shub.

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