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  1. i have relatively small hands and it hurts when i stretch to play things like my scales in F starting on my low e string. should i get a hand workout doohickie? will it help?
  2. no just keep doing ur scales nd ur hands will get used to it.
  3. Doesn't matter what size your hand/fingers are. Even people with sausage finger can play. Look up Aniello Desadereo ( I think thats how you spell it) his a classical guitar with small hand and man can he play.

    Do what I do On the 1st or what ever string, Finger the frets 1,2,3,4 with all four fingers, then, then then to Do all that again backwards,, then Now do all tha with just Hammer-ons with out picking. Once you get use to that do that across all six strngs. starting from strings E.A.D.G.B.E THEN IN REVERSE, E.B.G.D.A.E

    I wil say Practice as slowly as possble so that your finger muscles get the repetitiveness intergraded into their muscles. next you know itll be like second nature. Then when you can do it comfortably pickup te pace man.

    Good luck man on the guitar learning. If you need any help just ask man. :rocking: :stoned:
  4. do stretchin exercises... i playeed bass so the frets were much wider apart... i used to shove the guitar's neck into between my fingers...

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