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    hey guys, this is probably my first post on grasscity. I've come to love this community and it has provided me so much info about my cultivation. So i start this project 6 days ago from bag seed. I have two plants growing in a guitarhero box. lol picture are below. But yeah the soil is IDK, i just used container of soil laying around my house. Since it is winter none of the plants are growing outside so we just pulled out the dead ones. I have yet to use nutes but i have some all purpose miracle gro watering can singles. Since the soil is still moist, I'm going to wait 2 more days to use ferts. I have yet to find a succifient ventilation system and i'm not sure if it will effect the plants too much at such a young age. The schedule I have the plants at right now is 24/0.

    HELP: I am not sure when to begin or how much ferts i should use!
    Also one of the plant's stems is still redish what does that mean?

    Miracle Gro All purpose singles
    Random Soil
    4 60Watt CFL
    Emergency Blanket
    **Still need fan/ventilation and pH meter.
  2. Day 2

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  3. Sorry if this sounds a bit mean mate, it's not meant to be.

    If those are the size of your plants they are way too young to be fed nutes.
    Instead of foil you should use Mylar or at least matte white paint, the foil crinkles creating hot spots, the foil is not were near as durable and it's not very reflective.

    You also don't have enough soil in those pots, the high sides will make it harder for the plant to get light when young and be a bitch for you to get to when they're bigger.

    I'm all for micro grows, but you really should'nt be using a guitar hero box.
    Besides the fact that it's so small, it's freaking cardboard.

    Cardboard is a shitty material in general, it burns quick and easy and turns to mush when it get's wet, neither are really good things when electricity is involved.
  4. Do not use that miracle grow I repeat do not use the miracle grow!
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    its not tin foil its mylar(emergency Blanket), and the guitar hero box is temp, the room i have is completely empty, no one goes in it.
    and what should i do if there is not enough soil?

    and why shouldnt i use miracle gro? its 24-8-16
  6. Cardboard and CFLs are okay together. The CFLs will never get hot enough to ignite cardboard... HIDs yes, CFLs no.

    Your soil level is fine. You can always re-pot if you want to grow them bigger than the current pots allow, but I think you'll be fine.

    Miracle Gro is fine for vegging plants, just go real easy with it, specially when your seedlings are so little... Start out at 10% strength for the first few weeks and then work your way up to 50% strength. Get something else for flowering (or just use nothing), the extra N can induce hermies.

  7. Yea lose the cardboard and are those 60w equivlent
  8. well i got some smart release osmocote today and i've read many good reviews about it. i'm putting it to the test
  9. What is that
  10. i'm using the cardboard just until the plants grow out of it. its only being used to keep the light as close as possible. one problem i have is that i don't equipment to hang the lights. the lights are 60w cfls. i have 4 of them set up right now. 2 lights per plant
  11. they are to small to be 60w they are probably 14-20w 60w equivalent
  12. oh wait they are 60 equivalent. does that effect anything?
  13. Yea what is the actual wattage there should be 2 watts equivlent and a smaller number probally around 14-20 if its above 20 your fine but if not i would get some bigger wattage lights 26w or 42w
  14. You will need at least 100watts if you want to grow something you can smoke.

    Thats actual watts. Not equiv.
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    i like the creativity here, stuffing em in the insulation and covering em with a cardboard box. My take: need more light, the blanket is fine especially if you are just using it until they out grow the box, they are too young for nutes, get a small fan of some kind, but so far it looks like the setup will work.
    I too am on a restricted budget. i have successfully (so far) grown a bagseed with cfls, bad soil, no nutes, no ph meter, raging temps, poor conditions, etc. Moral: you can do it! These plants are tough and even with a restricted budget, the right knowledge and care can turn out decent buds. Be careful with the MG nutes with young plants. Im subbed, I'm interested to see what you can do with this.
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    i have a bunch of 14w and i have an extra splitter so i'll just add another as a temp. I also bought some Alaska Fish Ferts. There were 1 dollar at Lowe. I guess its out of season. Anyway they are 5-1-1.
    Its almost winter in my area and I went on a hunt today to find a small fan. Target was only selling heaters. I found computer fans at Staples, but I'm not that tech savy to wire that up to an outlet.
    Btw this is my first EVER grow. I'll be posting picture up in a few as well

    okay so i bought 3 more y-splitters. i have 8 14watts CFLS running right now!!!! which is calculated to 112 watts of energy. I think this will work better now.
  17. As you can tell, I made some adjustments. I added more soil. The plants were almost touching the light so I taped the sides together to make it taller. So far so good guys. You can clearly see a difference in growth in the past two days. I have yet to use nutes, but I've been giving them water daily.

    Day 4

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  18. looks good! got their first set of real leaves coming. the added cfl's should help a lot. yeah probably a good idea to hold the nutes for a week or two, keep it up!
  19. i wish i had known to put more lighting. My plants are stretching... Is that a Bad thing?

  20. scoop some soil up around the stem to kind of bury it a little deeper, then somehow raise the plants up closer to the lights. You can put some books or something under them, should be fine

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