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Discussion in 'General' started by DirtyPete, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. This is what happens when you play too much guitar...


    Haha, this is actually a pic I just found on my computer from a couple months after I first started playing. This was when I just started building my calouses. Now if I play for too long I just get indents of the strings in my fingers.
  2. Ouch. When I started my fingers hurt really bad, but I always stopped then. I've got callouses now.

    But that's hardcore. :metal:
  3. It's weird, I usually have the guitar in my hand for 6 or 7 hours a day but my callouses never really get all nasty. Sometimes they do if I have a gig two or three nights in a row, but never that bad.

    I'm lucky I guess.
  4. haha thats fucking awesome! In the 6 years I"ve played, I've never gotten them that beat up. I wish I could really, I think it looks sick.. in the good way. :)
  5. i just started playing a lot more lead stuff, trying to let out my blues side. my hands ahve been hurting me so much more just from playing differently, so i totally know how you feel. when i started playing like 8 years ago, my fingers would literally bleed when i practiced. now its just whatever, but i defiantely dont have the callases that i used to have.
  6. Yeeeep. My fingers looked like that for a bit, not quite as bad though. Now I have callouses on them.
  7. Im guessing you play acoustic. when i play electric they never get that tore up. But from time to time if I play some serious acoustic for a while they will get all green and torn up like that.
  8. mine did that then they got really hard where it was easy to play

    what kind of guitar do you have?
  9. I found that callouses built up fine during practice, but as soon as you perform and your hands get a little bit sweaty and the tips of your fingers soften, they start to come off. I tried soaking them in surgical spirit and all kinds of things, but nothing helped. Then I thought I'd try fighting fire with fire, and kept wetting and drying my fingers regularly through the day. Totally screws your skin, but it's made them a lot tougher. Ive been playing lead in bands for about 40 years now and it's still something I have to try to keep on top of.


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